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Flourless Chocolate Banana Honey Walnut Cake

Recently, I shared my post on the 18 variations of my 3-minute chocolate cake. What’s that? Oh, you only remember 6 variations? Yeah, you’re right … I only shared 6 in that post, but you... [90 Comments]

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POMerdoodle Ice Cream

This post is linked to Friday Foodie Fix--Pomegranates and Friday Foodie Fix--Honey. If you’ve been reading gfe much of late, you know I’ve become smitten with my ice cream maker. I’ve already shared my versions of Snickerdoodle... [34 Comments]

A Canoe with a View

We squeezed in a stop at our mountain property over Labor Day weekend. Monday morning we slept late, had a very light breakfast, and then headed out in the canoe. The Shenandoah River flows north.... [24 Comments]

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Sherbet—Honey Dewed

I had so many other ideas for Slightly Indulgent Mondays over at Amy’s Simply Sugar Free and Gluten Free. Because I had shared the peach sorbet last week, I was thinking about yet another chocolate cake... [32 Comments]

Ginger-Glazed Mahi Mahi with Pico de Gallo

This post is linked to Friday Foodie Fix--Honey and Friday Foodie Fix--Balsamic Vinegar. (See other roundup links within the post.) As I’ve shared here at gfe many times, I’m a huge fan of fish and seafood. Fish... [35 Comments]

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Honey, Be A Peach and Fix Me A Bowl of That Sorbet

The Joy of Eating a Peach (flickr: savannahgrandfather) Today is the second week of Slightly Indulgent Mondays---“a blog carnival dedicated to fabulous food made a little bit healthier.” Amy of Simply Sugar & Gluten Free (where something good is... [25 Comments]

Educate, Not Eviscerate

Remember when you first went gluten free, either because of a diagnosis from a medical professional or because you decided it was best for your health? Remember how overwhelmed you felt? You may have felt... [21 Comments]


I know you’ve been waiting anxiously for the results of the giveaway for The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. I don't blame you ... it's such a worthy prize. The winner of the giveaway was determined... [21 Comments]

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