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October Beauty in the Mountains

We interrupt this program, Pumpkin Pie Plus ..., to bring you a few photos from our October camping trips at our mountain/river property. The fall foliage was not yet peak (even last weekend), but every weekend... [27 Comments]

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Pumpkin Butter Plus Cushaw (or Pumpkin) Pecan Pie

Since I’m a lover of pretty much all things pumpkin, I have always wondered about pumpkin butter, but have never tried it. Until now. I have a new love. See incredibly easy recipe below and... [78 Comments]

Classic Pumpkin Bread 007

Back on Track with Classic Pumpkin Bread & Desi’s Spiced Maple Pecan Butter

As I shared in my last post, nothing was going well in my kitchen yesterday. First, I tried an alternative pumpkin bread recipe that was grain free and also contained flax seed and chia gel... [29 Comments]

Making Pumpkin Puree and Some Well-Tested Recipes

This post is linked to Newlyweds Blog Pumpkin Linkup. So here I am very, very late in the second day of my Pumpkin Pie Plus ... series, without the recipe I'd planned. Let's just say that sometimes spur-of-the-moment... [18 Comments]

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie with Honey Cinnamon Whipped Cream

I realized that I hadn't shared any new pumpkin recipes yet this fall, so just last night I decided to do a pumpkin series this week. Hey, Lauren (Celiac Teen) thought it was a good... [71 Comments]

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Bombay Potatoes Meet Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans) Tomato Curry

When I saw that Diane’s (The W.H.O.L.E. Gang) theme for this month’s Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free! event was Scared Silly---foods you've been afraid of, but have learned to like---I had a very long list of ideas.... [25 Comments]

A Gluten-Free Holiday

We’re going to celebrate this holiday season totally gluten-free. Why?  Well, we know how important it is to serve safe & delicious food at the holidays.  We want to help as many people as we can... [13 Comments]

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Granola

This post is linked to Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays, Gluten-Free Wednesday, and Wheatless Wednesday. Okay, so you’re laughing and saying "boy, that Shirley really is on a cookie kick." Well, not really ... bear with me. This... [33 Comments]

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