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How to Recover After Being Glutened

HONOR Your Body: How to Recover After Being “Glutened” (i.e., Gluten Exposure)

Disclaimer:  Please understand that I, and others whose advice is cited here, have no expertise when it comes to your personal medical issues. Some who are quoted here do serve as medical professionals, but they have no knowledge of your... [382 Comments]

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Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Vegan Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip “Samoa”-Taste Cookies

I wonder how many times the word “love” is uttered when it comes to food. I suspect we direct it more to food than we do to the special people in our lives. Specifically, when... [84 Comments]

Another Giveaway from Free From Gluten, World’s Largest Gluten-Free Store!

UPDATE:  This giveaway and comments are now closed. The winner will be contacted by email. Thanks to all who took time to enter. Stay tuned for a special announcement from Free From Gluten in a... [174 Comments]

Eat Fresh and D-Tox Your Life—A “Must Have” E-Cookbook Now Available

  One cold January, 20+ bloggers came together for 31 days to share 31 nourishing and detoxifying smoothie, juice, and soup recipes. (I was very fortunate to be included in this group!) The blogosphere buzzed with great... [4 Comments]

14 Winners of the Gluten-Free Extreme (GFE) Products Giveaway!

The following are the winners of the Gluten-Free Extreme (GFE) Products Giveaway. I will contact each of you by email for additional information. Congratulations to you all! Thanks to everyone else who took the time to enter! Be sure to stay tuned for... [26 Comments]

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