The 5-Minute Secret Recipe to Clean Your Pots and Pans Without Chemicals
  1. Sprinkle a little cream of tartar on the surface of the pot or pan you wish to clean.
  2. Add enough hot water to the pot or pan that you’re cleaning until it covers the baked on stains. Let sit about 3 minutes (or longer if you get distracted---no worries).
  3. Then wash and rinse as usual. You should not have to apply more than your average amount of “elbow grease” if any at all. Really, the whole process should be 5 minutes or less. I think you will be pleased with the amount of effort (or lack thereof) and the results!
I recommend using about a teaspoon of cream of tartar for an average size pot or pan and about a tablespoon for a large pot or large slow cooker crock. The cream of tartar powder doesn’t have to cover much of the surface initially when you sprinkle it on because once you add water; it will dissolve and reach the entire surface that way.

For really messy pots and pans like the slow cooker crock shown above, I’d probably do a quick clean up with my regular dishwashing liquid before I added cream of tartar to work its magic.

You can buy cream of tartar in your grocery store or online. You can even buy it in bulk for the best value. (I've done that before and had not to buy any for years!)
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