Home for the Holidays: Jules of Gluten Free Jules with Cinnamon Sticky Rolls & 3 More Books

Gluten-Free Cinnamon Sticky Buns Oven Gluten Free Jules

Grandma’s Cinnamon Sticky Buns from Gluten Free Jules

If you know my dear friend Jules Shepard, you know that despite the fact that she’s an “itty bitty” person in real life, she has a big impact on everything she touches and truly doesn’t do anything in a small way! First Gluten-Free Labeling Summit to call the FDA to task. Tallest Gluten-Free Cake. Her own very popular, very successful product line under the Jules Gluten Free label. (UPDATE:  This company is no longer associated with Jules. Support Jules in her effort to rebuild via a new company, Gluten Free Jules at GFJules.com. Here’s why you should support Jules.) Three books in print (the latest is Free For All Cooking; see my review and Jules’ Coffee Cake recipe here). Several e-books. The first gluten-free radio show on BlogTalk Radio (see show listing here). And much more! Last week when Jules Shepard and I were chatting on her radio show The Gluten-Free Voice, she “leaked” the recipe that she’d be sharing today. Her gluten-free re-creation of her Grandma’s Cinnamon Sticky Rolls. It’s definitely a recipe that means “home” and “holidays” to Jules. True to form, this recipe is not just your basic “make it one way” cinnamon bun recipe. Gluten free and dairy free, these Cinnamon Sticky Rolls can also be made vegan, nut-free, and refined sugar free. Oh, and get this … you can make them in your oven or your crockpot. Love the versatility of this recipe, plus they look and sound phenomenal. I predict lots of families will be enjoying these Cinnamon Sticky Rolls on Christmas morning!

And Jules is giving away three books that you’re sure to want in your library … one lucky recipient of each!

Go Dairy Free ~ The definitive guide and cookbook for living dairy free. 5 stars on Amazon! This book from my good friend Alisa Fleming, the author/owner of the Go Dairy Free site, who also blogs at Alisa Cooks, is meticulously researched and provides all the data and recipes you need to go dairy free and be happy about it! Read my review and get Alisa’s recipe for Semi-Sweet Mint Truffles (4 Ways) here. One look and you’ll see that this recipe would be perfect for a holiday treat or someone on your gift list.

Gluten-Free Makeovers ~ This cookbook is the first by long-time gluten-free leader, Beth Hillson. That’s somewhat of a surprise since many have been looking to Beth for gluten-free recipes and food guidance for years. Beth is a professional chef and food writer. She’s currently the food editor of Living Without magazine and the president of the American Celiac Disease Alliance. She also founded the Gluten-Free Pantry line of products, which have gone through two acquisitions in recent years. The products are available at glutenfree.com. I always share Beth’s weekly e-newsletter from glutenfree.com with my support group. It features Q&A with readers, her recipes, gluten-free events, and more. I was fortunate to meet Beth at the Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free Expo back in May. Her presentation and cooking demo were both straightforward and helpful, and most importantly yielded delicious results!

Gluten-Free Cupcakes ~ Yes, you get another chance to win my friend Elana’s (Elana’s Pantry) second cookbook! Cupcakes made using almond flour and/or coconut flour that please everyone. You can read my review here.

Jules’ giveaway ends Friday, December 16th, at 11:59 pm … enter here. Every entry also enters you one more time into the giveaway for the packages from Caveman Cookies, Free From Gluten, and Vitamix, and numerous other giveaways during the last 10 days of our Home for the Holidays … Gluten-Free Style event!

Yesterday Stephanie of Gluten-Free By Nature shared super cute, super delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Tomorrow Silvana Nardone of Silvana’s Kitchen (and Easy Eats magazine) will be our host and as always she has a special treat for us all!


Not just gf, but gfe!

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7 Responses to “Home for the Holidays: Jules of Gluten Free Jules with Cinnamon Sticky Rolls & 3 More Books”

  1. Janelle Jordan on December 15th, 2011 5:18 pm

    I “liked” you on facebook when I was on there. Since I deleted my fb account I am only a follower through emails. I would be grateful for any help in making my home a gluten free home. Thanks.

    • Shirley on December 15th, 2011 8:07 pm

      Hi Janelle–Thanks for coming over to my blog! I really recommend that you look at all the foods and dishes that you enjoy that are already gluten free. Then look at ones that can be easily adapted. When you start listing your family’s favorites, you may be surprised how many are gf or could easily be made gf. With treats and snacks, once you figure out a few recipes (flourless and/or crustless ones are my favorites … so easy and delicious), you’ll be on your way. We all tend to eat the same foods, meals, snacks, and treats over and over again so once you’ve developed a repertoire, so to speak, it will be much smoother sailing. I recommend that you look at my “tip sheets” here … 50 Things You Can Eat Today (includes some items that you wouldn’t want to eat all the time, but it’s good to know starting out that they are gluten free, or good to know if you’re in a bind), 50 Meals That Are GFE, 50 GFE SweetTreats, and The GFE Pantry. I also recommend reading Top 10 Reasons to Live GFE, which explains my approach and why it’s helpful. Check all those out and email me if you still have questions. I’m sort of swamped right now with our holiday event, so if I don’t respond right away, please send me another email. I’m happy to help!


      • Janelle Jordan on December 15th, 2011 9:29 pm

        Wow, thank you for the reply. I do the dinners fine, it’s the sweet tooth (especially with this pregnancy) that is killing me. I get these cravings for desert and sweets and have no idea where to even start. The other day I couldn’t take it anymore and made a yellow cake, then have payed for it the past few days with the pain and tired foggy feeling. I’ll certainly look into the 50 sweet treats. My cravings outweigh logic at times and I need to know what to do in those cases. :-) Thanks again – it was very thoughtful of you to do that.

        • Shirley on December 15th, 2011 9:36 pm

          Hi again, Janelle–I’m really happy to help. I understand the sweet cravings. May I also suggest this 3-minute microwave chocolate cake (with several variations) if you use a microwave? Once you have a few of these solutions to rely on, you’ll do great! :-)


  2. Janis on December 16th, 2011 12:36 am

    I haven’t had cinnamon rolls in a very long time – need to try this recipe!

  3. Kathy on December 16th, 2011 11:06 pm

    The Sticky bun recipe is one I must try over the holidays! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  4. Bonnie on December 17th, 2011 1:05 am

    order some of Jules flour a few days ago, I can’t wait to try it

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