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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or a lovely Thursday if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving)! We certainly did here in the gfe family. Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday over the last several years. It’s simply about family, friends, food, and the fellowship that ties us all together and, frankly, I love that. My hosting this year went great. Of course, I was a bit rushed towards the end (that always seems to happen), but it worked out. The reality is that nobody will notice if you don’t get around to scrubbing your kitchen floor that morning (okay, that week, but it did get vacuumed). At first I was a little annoyed at myself because my timing was off for baking my popovers and we ate about 30 minutes later than I had originally planned. However, everyone agreed that the schedule slip worked out well because it gave us time to visit properly before sitting down to the table. During that time, folks sipped on my Reindeer Antlers. And, of course, they nibbled. They raved over my brown sugar chocolate chip cookies that came out as cookie brittle versus true cookies. (It’s a finicky recipe, but the “brittle” is still decadent and good; my sister even took home some to my brother-in-law who unfortunately had to work.) I asked Mom to go ahead and offer up her deviled eggs (naturally gluten-free), which nobody ever passes up. 

By the time the popovers were ready, all of us were ready to sit down to an impressive spread of food. I followed the 5 Tips for a Safe, Gluten-Free Thanksgiving including briefly enlightening some of the extended family about the need for separate utensils, keeping my pies away from three other glutenous desserts, and so forth. Please take a moment to add your own tips and experiences to that post, so others can benefit. (My buddy, Gluten Free Steve, just added some very helpful reminders there!) 

After our grand meal, we all lingered over desserts and even after we moved to the living room, we just relaxed. Then we chatted about everything under the sun. I love how you can do that at comfortable gatherings. Sometimes the conversation has everyone involved, but more often than not, there are several other side conversations going on. To see everyone “catching up” and interested in the happenings in each other’s lives is truly heartwarming. Without the many people we love in our lives, nothing else has meaning. 

We’ve been snacking and enjoying some pies (being able to have leftover pie for breakfast is surely one of the top reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving), but we haven’t eaten all of our leftovers yet. Last night, we had Veal Scallopini and Steamed Artichokes. I had planned that meal for Thanksgiving Eve and had actually cooked the artichokes, but then Mr. GFE came home late after visiting cousins and confessed he’d already eaten turkey tetrazzini. Of course I didn’t mind that, plus I was too busy that evening preparing Thanksgiving goodies to really enjoy a proper sit-down meal. It was easy to whip up Veal Scallopini last night and reheat the artichokes so we could have a relaxed dinner together. Steamed artichokes are one of those food choices that force you to slow down … you just can’t eat one quickly—which was great for last night. 

Tonight we ate those leftovers, and tomorrow we’ll be back eating turkey. I’m using a combo of some leftover turkey from my Traditional Turkey Breast and some from my Special Turkey Breast. I’ll just cut the turkey into small chunks to make Tasty Tortilla Soup. It’s such a flavorful soup that one can make quickly using salsa, broth (I actually have some turkey broth from slow cooking the turkey breast), and whatever vegetables on hand that sound good. I think I’ll add some corn, carrots, and butter beans to this pot of Tortilla Soup. Of course, the best part of this soup is topping it with the tortilla “crisps” (as Brian of Fire and Salt labeled them). You might find these crisps become your new toppings for all your soups. (They are delicious and you can quickly whip up a batch, instead of using crackers.) I may also try another recipe with the leftover turkey, and I’ll share that one later … if it works out. 

Reindeer Antlers 060-5Now for the “something new” …yesterday, I officially launched the new Out and About page of gfe with this post on Reindeer Antlers and a giveaway. The Out and About page will be the place where I’ll host giveaways and contests, share travel reviews, offer my opinion on occasional gfe-type products, etc. Don’t worry though … I’m not heading over to the overly processed, gluten-free specialty food world. That would be in direct contradiction to the gfe–gluten free easily approach. My giveaways will be focused on items like real food and cookbooks I find of value that I think can sincerely benefit my gfe readers. You might be wondering why I don’t just do all of these reviews and giveaways on my main page. Well, frankly, my advertising contract prohibits giveaways and reviews for complimentary products over a certain value or even if I purchased the products myself  (which I have in some cases) and these types of posts are done too frequently. This requirement makes sense because the advertisers who have paid to advertise shouldn’t have to compete with what’s shared in one’s blog posts … know what I mean? Plus, having a new page that clearly shows when products were given to me (or any other compensation that I have received) is in alignment with the recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines on disclosing payments and complimentary products when sharing reviews or testimonials.  

Okay, you might not be interested in all of that. Here’s what you really need to know—how you will know if I have a new Out and About post if these posts don’t show up on my main page. Well, if you subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed, you’ll get notifications on the Out and About posts just like you have gotten all the other notices that I have a new post. Subscribing is the best way to prevent missing a gfe post. (Click on the “Subscribe in a reader” or “Subscribe via email” links in the top right of my header and you’ll be walked through a very easy process.) When you receive notification on any new post, just click on the link provided in the email or shown in the reader and you’ll be taken to the post and can read and comment, just as you have done in the past. I’ll always try to have a link on my main page within a post (as I did above) to let you know that there’s a new post on the Out and About page. The Out and About posts will also show up in the listing on the sidebar under gfe’s recent posts. Just click on a title and you’ll be there. Last, if there are photos shown in the sidebar under gfe’s recent photos that are not familiar to you from the main page, that’s another indicator there’s a new post up in Out and About. You can click on the Out and About tab under my heading any time. Note that the search feature at the top right of the header allows you to search on anything on my site; no matter where the information is located, it will show up via Search.  This all sounds complicated, but it’s really not. We’ll all be used to the new routine in no time.

I’ve been “saving up” good stuff for months for my Out and About page, so I hope to share some great posts there. Fun reviews of restaurants, tourist spots, cookbooks and giveaways—that all sounds good, right? Of course, the majority of the gfe posts, including most recipes, will be shared right here on the main page. Hopefully, we’ll all make an easy transition and you’ll continue to enjoy gfe and now Out and About as well!

Not just gf, but gfe!

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5 Responses to “Leftovers and Something New–GFE Out and About”

  1. Lauren on November 29th, 2009 11:34 am

    Sounds like you had a perfect Thanksgiving Shirley! Isn’t it the best when conversation is comfortable and everyone works together?

    Not to mention this new page! I’m really excited to hear all about POM (I’ve been looking around the web a bit to see what happened ;D). And everything else sounds fabulous!

    • Shirley on November 29th, 2009 11:01 pm

      Yes, Lauren, exactly … very comfortable and everyone in sync. :-)

      I’m so glad you are excited about Out and About! I’m going through all those POM Wonderful photos … so many amazing shots. I want to share them all, but obviously can’t. ;-)



  2. Marilyn Machin on November 30th, 2009 4:32 am

    Shirley – You probably remember me from swooning over your flourless pizza recipe when I was still a really damp-behind-the-ears & crying in King Soopers from frustration in the first few weeks of my going GF. Thanks to you, I am calm, confident, slightly “attitudy”, well-fed & a happy newbie. I’ve been GF since 5/1/09 & have pulled a tremendous amount of wisdom from your ‘sharings,’ I especially loved the article about turning an uncomfortable situation in a restaurant into a learning experience. Thank you for that bit of wisdom. Thursday was a totally wonderful experience with our minister & several people from church who truly ‘got it’ about respecting GF food & they also got to partake of some wonderful new food! DH & I took GF Spicy Cornbread Dressing, wonderful stir-fried fresh green beans with sesame oil, mushrooms, water chestnuts, & pimentos, and a GF apple butter pie using the 1/4 cup gf flour replacing the crust. The other non-gluten eating person there brought a wonderful pineapple-mint-herb spread with veggies & nut crackers, a beautiful fruit plate & a wonderful baked dip with artichoke hearts & cream cheese.

    Shirley, I want to thank you for enforcing the YOU CAN DO THIS EASILY concept to a new newbie with the empty King Soopers cart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Since May my B & D vitamin levels have improved greatly, my pneumo levels are nearly normal & I feel like a different person. The nearly normal B levels have allowed me to stop taking Wellbutrin. Thank you so much for your contribution to my becoming who I really am.

    You’re a rock star, Shirley Braden!

    PS – Our ‘gluteny’ friends always call on Friday afternoon to see what the new pizza flavors are that day, and to invite themselves over!

    • Shirley on November 30th, 2009 11:55 pm

      Hi Marilyn–Of course, I remember you from your email on your love of the flourless pizza! :-) Now, oh my goodness on all your kind words. First, I am so proud of you for empowering yourself to live gluten free easily. I chuckled on the “slightly attitudy” part … hey, am I teaching that, too? LOL I am so impressed with you, Marilyn. You are taking care of yourself and educating others on how to help those who are gluten free eat safely, plus you are showing them how eating gluten free can be a wonderful experience. Apple butter pie using the easy crustless conversion—love that!

      Now, the part that really made my day .. your B & D levels, etc. have gone up greatly … no more Wellbutrin … feeling like a different person–WOW! You’re at 7 months gluten free and I found for myself that I had big improvement almost quarterly 3 mos, 6 mos, and so on. So, I’m expecting you will continue to see these wonderful improvements, Marilyn. It’s so rewarding to see such transformations. Please continue to spread awareness and, of course, feed your friends great gluten-free pizza. ;-)

      I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to comment and share your story with us. I thank you also for your extremely kind words, but the credit goes to you, my dear. Hugs and cheers,


    • Shirley on December 1st, 2009 12:54 am

      Marilyn, I forgot to say, welcome to gfe! ;-)


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