Gluten-Free Wednesdays 3-12-14


As I shared last week, when I announced that I would be co-hosting Gluten-Free Wednesdays with my friends, founder, Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker, and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures, it’s still super busy here on gfe with March Muffin Madness going on! I hope you will bear with me while enjoying the rollout of some delicious muffin recipes from so many terrific gluten-free bloggers, plus the excitement of the great prizes involved. But if you’ve been a bit overwhelmed, please know that things will definitely be a bit slower on gfe in April! I don’t usually post daily—or three times in 24 hours as I just did. Wow!

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Paleo Sweet "Cornbread" Muffins from Cassidy's Craveable Creations

Paleo Sweet “Cornbread” Muffins from Cassidy’s Craveable Creations

Today for March Muffin Madness we have Cassidy from Cassidy’s Craveable Creations sharing her Paleo Sweet “Cornbread” Muffins. Her recipe is gluten free, grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegetarian, paleo, and primal. Cassidy is... [93 Comments]

Carrot Muffins Close-up Allergy Free Alaska

Delicious Paleo Carrot Cake Muffins from Allergy Free Alaska

Today for March Muffin Madness, my dear friend Megan Ancheta of Allergy Free Alaska is sharing her Delicious Paleo Carrot Cake Muffins recipe with us all. Judging by the success of two gluten-free carrot cake recipes on... [88 Comments]

Dillicious Herb-Stuffed Muffins Sweet Debbie's Organic Cupcakes

Dillicious Herb-Stuffed Muffins from Sweet Debbie’s Organic Cupcakes

Today we have a delicious savory recipe for March Muffin Madness, Dillicious Herb-Stuffed Muffins! This recipe is graciously being shared by Debbie Adler, the founder/owner of Sweet Debbie’s Organic Cupcakes and author of Sweet Debbie’s... [65 Comments]

Carrot Banana Muffins from Elana's Pantry

Carrot Banana Muffins from Elana’s Pantry

Today for March Muffin Madness, I get to share some top notch Carrot Banana Muffins from my good friend Elana of Elana’s Pantry. Her muffins are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free (because they’re... [66 Comments]

Orange Blueberry Muffins from Cook Eat Paleo

Orange Blueberry Muffins from Cook Eat Paleo

Today for our March Muffin Madness event, I have the pleasure of introducing Lisa Wells of Cook Eat Paleo. Lisa is sharing her Orange Blueberry Muffins, which is appropriate since Lisa and I met by... [88 Comments]

Banana Split Muffins Rows from Pocketfuls

Banana Split Muffins from Pocketfuls

As March Muffin Madness continues, today I have the privilege of sharing some creative and delish Banana Split Muffins from Lisa of Pocketfuls. Lisa's muffins are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and vegetarian, with vegan... [93 Comments]

Johnny Cake Muffins from The Mommy Bowl

Johnny Cake Muffins from The Mommy Bowl

  Today for our March Muffin Madness event, I have the pleasure of sharing my friend Deanna’s (The Mommy Bowl) Johnny Cake Muffins! They're gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian, with a refined sugar-free option. Deanna is another blogger who... [77 Comments]


Gluten-Free Wednesdays 3-5-14 … Now Co-Hosted By Three Blogs!

Those of you who visit my dear friend Linda’s The Gluten-Free Homemaker blog each Wednesday for her Gluten-Free Wednesdays event probably did a double take when you saw the first part of my post title!... [28 Comments]

Gluten-Free Chai Tea Muffins Jules Speaks Gluten Free

Chai Tea Muffins from Jules Speaks Gluten Free

Today for March Muffin Madness I get to share some lovely Chai Tea Muffins from my friend Jules Shepard (Jules Speaks Gluten Free)! Her muffins are gluten free, with dairy-free and refined sugar-free options. But... [65 Comments]

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