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Almond Cranberry Muffins from The Gluten-Free Homemaker

It’s Almond Cranberry Muffins from The Gluten-Free Homemaker today for March Muffin Madness! I love the way that Linda describes these soft, moist, and lovely muffins; how she combined flours and starches to create just... [65 Comments]

Pumpkin Sunrise Muffins Gluten Free Spinner

Pumpkin Sunrise Muffins from Gluten Free Spinner

Being a lover of pumpkin, I’m super happy to see that pumpkin muffins won’t be left out of March Muffin Madness! Today we have Mary of Gluten Free Spinner  sharing her superb gluten-free Pumpkin Sunrise Muffins. I’m... [60 Comments]

Carrot Muffins Close-up Allergy Free Alaska

Delicious Paleo Carrot Cake Muffins from Allergy Free Alaska

Today for March Muffin Madness, my dear friend Megan Ancheta of Allergy Free Alaska is sharing her Delicious Paleo Carrot Cake Muffins recipe with us all. Judging by the success of two gluten-free carrot cake recipes on... [90 Comments]

Dillicious Herb-Stuffed Muffins Sweet Debbie's Organic Cupcakes

Dillicious Herb-Stuffed Muffins from Sweet Debbie’s Organic Cupcakes

Today we have a delicious savory recipe for March Muffin Madness, Dillicious Herb-Stuffed Muffins! This recipe is graciously being shared by Debbie Adler, the founder/owner of Sweet Debbie’s Organic Cupcakes and author of Sweet Debbie’s... [65 Comments]

Carrot Banana Muffins from Elana's Pantry

Carrot Banana Muffins from Elana’s Pantry

Today for March Muffin Madness, I get to share some top notch Carrot Banana Muffins from my good friend Elana of Elana’s Pantry. Her muffins are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free (because they’re... [67 Comments]

Orange Blueberry Muffins from Cook Eat Paleo

Orange Blueberry Muffins from Cook Eat Paleo

Today for our March Muffin Madness event, I have the pleasure of introducing Lisa Wells of Cook Eat Paleo. Lisa is sharing her Orange Blueberry Muffins, which is appropriate since Lisa and I met by... [94 Comments]

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