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Basil Corn Proscuitto Cake Muffins Jenn Cuisine

Basil Prosciutto Corn Cakes from Jenn Cuisine

For all of you who love savory muffins, I have another one for you today for March Muffin Madness! These Basil Prosciutto Corn Cakes are muffins that can easily double as a meal (like Starlene’s... [40 Comments]

March Muffin Madness on Gluten Free Easily

March Muffin Madness—All the Delicious Details!

Welcome to March Muffin Madness (MMM), everyone! When so many others are focusing on basketball and brackets this time of year, I'd much rather focus on muffins! Apparently I’m not alone as a long list of... [183 Comments]

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