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GFE Giveaway #2 Collage

Gluten-Free EXTREME (GFE) “Library Clean-out” Giveaway #2

I’m continuing on with the clean-out of my support group’s overflowing library, sharing with you all terrific cookbooks and resource books that sometimes don’t get checked out or, sadly, even perused. We have so many... [47 Comments]

Meat Lover's Continental Chicken Ready to Eat Gluten Free Easily

Meat Lover’s Chicken—Bake In Your Oven or Your Slow Cooker

That name might make you laugh because it’s a bit of a “dog puppy”---the term that my friends and I in the writing world used to use for redundancies---but it’s accurate. This chicken recipe, which... [2 Comments]

GFE Clean-out Giveaway Number 1

Gluten-Free EXTREME (GFE) “Library Clean-out” Cookbook Giveaway #1

Recently on my Facebook gfe page, I shared the news that my support group’s library is overflowing and that we have many, many terrific cookbooks and resource books that rarely get checked out or used.... [156 Comments]

Homemade Chocolate Banana Milk Gluten Free Easily

Make Your Own Flavored Banana Milk ~ Vanilla Banana Milk, Chocolate Banana Milk, Strawberry Banana Milk …

I made Banana Milk, Vanilla Banana Milk, and Chocolate Banana Milk the other day, and all were great. I've always known that bananas are great for smoothies. They add creaminess and natural sweetness and help thicken smoothies.... [3 Comments]


Grain-Free Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Brownies

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to create these Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Bars. I mean Brownies. And by that I mean the idea of these bars had never entered my mind before... [17 Comments]

Gluten-Free Hamburger Roll and Hot Dog Recipes Collage

A Bountiful Bread Basket, Gluten-Free Bread Recipes, Part 5: Top 30+ Best Hamburger and Hot Dog Roll Recipes

It’s time for A Bountiful Bread Basket, Gluten-Free Bread Recipes, Part 5: Top 30 Best Gluten-Free Hamburger and Hot Dog Rolls. Yep, as we celebrate the official arrival of summer and all its associated cookout opportunities---including... [25 Comments]


Root Beer and Rum Ice Cream Float

On the way home from camping this weekend, we suddenly wanted steamed crabs. But, alas, crabs go quickly around here, especially early in the season, so there were no crabs to be had. But in... [29 Comments]

Carrot Colada Gluten Free Easily

Carrot Colada

I first shared this wonderful Carrot Colada recipe over on my friend Ricki’s blog, Ricki Heller.  I’ve been a fan of Ricki’s for years and actually got to meet her “In Real Life” last summer—a major highlight... [13 Comments]

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