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Gluten-Free Cheeseburger Birthday Cake (Guest Post from Cherie Cormier)

Cherie Cormier is guest posting for us today, sharing her Gluten-Free Cheeseburger Birthday Cake recipe. Cherie does not have a blog, but you can find her (and you should) on her helpful and super upbeat... [20 Comments]

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The Down and Dirty on Celiac, Paleo, and Crossfit

Today I have the honor of sharing a guest post from Ann McCormack. Ann attended one of my support group meetings about a year ago (and hopes to return to our group!). I found her... [18 Comments]


Guest Post from Megan Everitt Ancheta: When Giving Up Gluten Is Not Enough

Today we get to hear my friend Megan Everitt Ancheta’s personal story through her guest post. Megan left a comment on my blog just over a year ago. After I replied, I quickly headed over to check... [59 Comments]


Guest Post: Cheryl Harris of Harris Whole Health and Gluten-Free Goodness

Today, I am honored to have Cheryl Harris join us here at gfe. Cheryl has been practicing as a registered dietitian and nutrititionist for the last 10 years. She is gluten free and lives free of several other foods... [14 Comments]

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