Kathi's Great Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing is fabulous for any occasion. It will convert non-salad lovers to salad fans and it can easily be made when you arrive at your destination. (photo)

Great Salad

This is the salad that works for every occasion. You can even take all the ingredients to a friend's house and make it on the spot. It's that easy to make! And everyone will want the recipe because it's that good, too!



  1. Mix all together except Craisins/cranberries. Sprinkle those over the salad once mixed (otherwise, they tend to sink to the bottom) and serve.
  2. This salad is best eaten immediately, but it will keep fairly well for up to 48 hours (if there is any left!).


Briannas poppy seed dressing is not certified gluten free, but the label says "No Gluten" and I find no ingredients of concern there. It's also listed on Brianna's website as gluten free.Easy salad recipes are a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. Usually when they participate in making something, they feel that "pride of ownership" and will excitedly dig in, as well as promote the merits of their dish to everyone else! Even more than one child can help make a salad like this adds the spinach, one adds the romaine, and so on.Enjoy!

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Recipe by gfe--gluten free easily at