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Bourbon Banana Colada



  1. Mix all in blender.
  2. To prepare glass for serving, pour small amount of bourbon in bowl. Pour small amount of brown sugar or raw sugar in another bowl; set beside other bowl. Dip inverted glass in bourbon and then immediately dip the glass in the sugar. Turn upright. Pour BBC into the glass in the center without disturbing sugar. Garnish with a banana slice.


Makes about one quart. Adapted from several BBC recipes and my pina colada recipe I doubled the batch to make my half gallon that I took to the party. However, I had to mix it in a large bowl and then blend only a portion at a time as my blender does not hold two quarts. This drink does not have a strong alcoholic taste. You can adjust bourbon and rum amounts if you'd like a more "potent potable." I used Demerera sugar to dip my glass in. Many BBC and colada recipes, in general, call for mixes. I'm not a fan due to the other ingredients in such mixes. It's quite easy to make these types of drinks "from scratch." This recipes is gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free, excluding the sugar on the rim of the glass and the fact that alcohol itself converts to sugar.

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