Chocolate Cherry Milkshake--like a Chocolate Cherry Frosty! (photo)

Chocolate Cherry Milkshake



  1. Add ingredients in the basic order shown to a high-speed blender. (That’s what I use, but a regular blender might work just fine.) The real key is to add the liquid ingredients before adding other ingredients so your almond butter, cacao powder, etc. are not stuck on the blender blades and unmixed at the end.
  2. Blend in spurts from low speed to high speed for a few minutes total until you have well-blended shake consistency.


I used David Lebovitz’s method for cherry pitting; i.e., I used a large paper clip. Just insert into cherry and use as a lever to pop out the pit. If dates are not fresh and soft, soak in boiling water for 5 minutes first. Then drain and reserve the water for another use (e.g., a smoothie). This milkshake can also be made using almond milk versus coconut milk, but I think the coconut milk version allows the cherries to shine through more.Makes about four 8-ounce milkshakes (or two 16-ounce milkshakes)Inspired by Heather of Gluten-Free Cat

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