Mom's Deviled Eggs are the very best! So easy to make, too! [from] (photo)

Mom’s Deviled Eggs (Naturally Gluten Free)

This recipe comes from my mom. She says that it's not really a recipe. She just eyeballs the amounts and tastes here and there. That meant I had to measure and record as I went but I think I figured out the amounts fairly close to Mom's version.



  1. Boil eggs. Run cold water over eggs to cool them enough to be able to remove shells.
  2. Slice eggs in half. While eggs are still plenty warm, remove yolks and place in a bowl.
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, mustard, pickle juice, salt, pepper, and celery salt (if used). Mash all together with fork (or another utensil). Mix well. If additional creaminess is needed, add additional mayonnaise. Add more of the other ingredients to taste, if desired.
  4. Using a butter knife, fill eggs. Do not place on your serving dish at this time. (Just use a regular plate.) Sprinkle with paprika.
  5. Move finished eggs to serving dish.


Mixing the deviled egg filling while the yolks are still warm makes mixing and blending much easier.

I enjoy these eggs when made with some celery salt, but I didn’t have any today and they still tasted great.

Don’t obsess over your eggs looking perfect. I’ve never heard a guest utter, “Oh, my gosh, what an ugly egg!” I’ve only received sincere compliments. But, any eggs that don’t meet your standards you can use as test eggs and taste yourself or move them to the side and let your family members eat before other guests arrive. (They will no doubt be begging for an egg at that point. At least, it’s that way in my house.)

Some folks like to place their egg filling in a pastry bag and really do up the presentation but personally I don’t like the mixture that’s required to get a consistency thin enough for that method. I like the thick filling in this simple method.

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