Honey Cinnamon Grand Marnier Ice Cream. Dairy-free heaven! Naturally gluten free, too. [from]

Honey Cinnamon Grand Marnier Ice Cream



  1. Blend all together in blender or in a mixing bowl with mixer.
  2. Pour into already frozen container of the ice cream maker. Churn for 25-30 minutes.


The ice cream will still be fairly soft at the end of churning, so you may want to freeze it for an additional amount of time in the freezer. Incidentally, I’ve found that if I wrap my ice cream container in a towel and leave it on the counter for a few minutes, it will actually freeze a little more on its own just from the frozen container. So if you don’t want it to freeze too much more, that might be an option. When I've made this ice cream for folks who don't consume alcohol, I've used vanilla extract instead of Grand Marnier. Of course, most vanilla extract is alcohol based, so if the ice cream must be completely alcohol free, an alcohol-free vanilla flavoring should be used.

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