Reindeer Antlers



  1. Stir all together. I added my ingredients to a gallon-sized jar, place the lid on it and just shook the jar to mix. Chill.
  2. Serve over ice and top with pomegranate seeds---also known as arils.


Pouring the Reindeer Antlers over crushed ice and topping with arils provides a lovely presentation. (Mr. GFE will also tell you that particular application results in sipping versus drinking, which I say just might not be a bad thing.) As an alternative you can sprinkle arils on your Reindeer Antler just before serving; the arils will sink to the bottom of your drink and become more potent. Or, you can add festive ice cubes that contain pomegranate seeds that you’ve made earlier. (I thought about doing that ... I really did, but time ran out. Soon, I will try that.) Very important---one must eat the arils to achieve the optimum “effects” of the Reindeer Antlers. To date, numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the benefits of pomegranate juice for cardiac health, blood pressure, prostate health, and, yes, even “virility”---all with encouraging results. So Reindeer Antlers taste delicious and are good for your love life. Plus, you know how some folks eat the agave worm at the bottom of a Mescal bottle? Eating the reindeer antler-infused arils is such a nicer alternative, don’t you think? Of course, if pomegranates themselves are out of season, please enjoy your Reindeer Antlers sans arils--they will still be splendid!

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