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Sophia's Super Carrot Dressing

Recipe from Sophia Curran. Originally published in King George Farmers’ Market newsletter



  1. Blend first three ingredients in food processor.
  2. Add tamari sauce (or soy sauce) to taste. Blend again.
  3. If desired and/or needed, a splash of balsamic vinegar and some water may be added for tang and thinning, respectively. Blend again until smooth.
  4. Use as a topping for green salad, other cold salads, cooked greens, or whatever else appeals. Will keep several days in the refrigerator.


The amount of moisture in the carrots and onion will determine how much additional liquid you will need to add, if any. My food processor is ancient and does not chop or blend nearly as well as it should. Plus my carrots and onion were not super fresh or juicy, so I had to add additional liquid in the form of olive oil and water. For topping my tuna salad, the thicker blend worked fine. For a green salad, I’d suggest a thinner version of this salad dressing.

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