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July Self-Care Retreat

July Self-Care Retreat: Saying “No” … With Unexpected, Wonderful Results

Some Details About the July Self-Care Retreat I’m very happy to be participating in the third July edition of the Self-Care Retreat again. Cheryl of Gluten Free Goodness (and Harris Whole Health) is our event's originator... [28 Comments]

Guest Post from Delise Dickard, PhD: Self Care and the Unexpected Mentor

Today I have the pleasure of sharing another guest post from my longtime friend, Delise Dickard. Delise first shared her personal story, The Beer That Saved My Belly, here at gfe back in May. With this... [19 Comments]

Self-Care Retreat for July—Nourishment Through Family, Friends, and Pets

Warning: This post is long and filled with clichés and quotations. Cliches become clichés because they are so often true. Quotations are repeated again and again because they strike a chord within us. Many in... [27 Comments]

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