Gluten-Free Living Conference; Orlando, Florida; April 2014

Gluten-Free Living Conference

Come to Orlando to Learn and Have Fun!

I was very interested when I heard that Gluten-Free Living magazine would be hosting the Gluten-Free Living Conference the first weekend of April. First and foremost, I have always appreciated Gluten-Free Living’s dedication to the gluten-free community, especially their thorough research and helpful guidance throughout the years.

Gluten-Free Living was the first magazine I subscribed to after going gluten free in 2003. I would read each issue from cover to cover the moment it arrived. Gluten-Free Living has always been dedicated to dispelling myths and sharing the latest research as well as offering great recipes and tips on living well gluten free. I found the information they shared not only helpful for me personally, but also for the support group I lead.

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