Gluten-Free Chicken A La King

Creamy and delicious comfort food! Gluten-Free Chicken A La King--with dairy-free option [from]

Chicken A La King is Son’s favorite meal. I mean his very, very favorite meal! Sure, he loves tons of other meals and foods, but if I ask him what he would like me to make “special” for him, the answer is always “Chicken A La King!” I tried different recipes over the years and finally created my own version that combined all the elements we loved. He’s enjoyed my gluten-free Chicken A La King recipe since going gluten free when he was a teenager.

And now I have a confession, I haven’t made this meal for him since he went dairy free, which was a very, very long time ago, folks. As in several years ago. So although some of you thought I deserved the Super Mom Award for baking cookies for him at midnight a while back—and late-night cookie baking to satisfy requests is actually a pretty common occurrence at our house —I am not always as quick to honor all of his recipe requests.

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