Go Ahead Honey “Make Me A Happy Camper”

The following is a scenario that I created to share this month’s Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free! entries for the “Make Me A Happy Camper” theme. Just like Naomi originated GAHIGF, she also first demonstrated this fantasy summary concept back in her April canape post. I don’t think it would take too much to imagine these events really happening. Oh, what fun that would be!

Mr. GFE and I love to share our mountain property with others. So, when I told him that I wanted to host a gathering for my gluten-free blogging buddies, he was completely on board. We usually go up on Saturday mornings and stay until the next evening, but sometimes we head up on Fridays. This time we wanted to have a few days to allow as many folks as possible to participate, so we took off on Friday and told people to come any time from Friday through Sunday. He wanted to get there early to have the grass all mowed so our property would look its best and the hard work would be out of the way. That would allow him to meet and visit with folks and provide any extra attention they would need: help in setting up tents, taking some people out in the canoe, placing Tikki torches by individual tents for subdued lighting, etc.

Saturday was expected to be the “core” day as some people in the group do not camp, so they just agreed to come for the day … to enjoy a picnic in effect. Some of them planned to head off to local hotels and bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) when they left our place. Others were veteran (or at least eager) campers and most of them planned to stay overnight on Saturday. However, the folks coming from the farthest distance planned to come in on Friday to visit and/or camp with all of us, but to also take advantage of visitor opportunities in the area (e.g., hiking, taking scenic drives, exploring nearby attractions).

Friday arrived as a gorgeous day. Mr. GFE and I had packed as much as possible up the evening before so we left home early and arrived before lunchtime. Mr. GFE had the grass cut in record time and was very pleased. The dock was in place (no rescue operations this time LOL) and our neighbor had just bush hogged our field. I dug out the fire pit as I always do to ensure that we’d have a deep bed of coals later for roasting potatoes, corn, or even onions. Mr. GFE gathered firewood that had fallen from recent storms and soon had a huge pile to whittle on with his chain saw. There would definitely be plenty of wood to ensure hot coals for baking in the campfire and for blazes sufficient to warm and brighten the darkness later.

By evening all the Friday arrivals were there. After initial greetings and “tours” of our spot, everyone started inquiring on the dishes that had been brought and what we might eat for each meal. While we were happily speculating on meal possibilities (remember we didn’t know them all since everyone had not yet arrived), Tracee of Mrs. Ed’s Research and Recipes  shared her Pimento Cheese Spread on some nice crunchy gluten-free crackers. Tracee told us that pimento cheese spread is a requirement for any proper Southern gathering and with our mouths full, we all mumbled our concurrence.

Pimento Cheese Spread-1

In fact, Tracee’s spread and crackers were quickly devoured, so we moved on to Ali’s (of Ali and Tom at Whole Life NutritionNori Rolls with Sticky Brown Rice with Ginger Plum Sauce. Ali told us these work best kept whole for physical activities like hiking, but we were all hanging around the picnic tables under the pavilion, so she sliced them into one-inch pieces for our sampling. While we ate, we quizzed her and Tom about the preparation and the nutritional benefits of nori and the other ingredients.

Nori Rolls-1

Finally when we were all ready for our meal, Jenn of Jenn Cuisine stepped over to my one-burner stove and whipped up a variation on her father’s beef stroganoff. Jenn is quite the enthusiastic camper. While she was cooking, she told us just how much camping with her family had meant to her when she was growing up and even now looking back. Although all present were not campers, everyone shared the sentiments on love of family and the importance of those special times together.


After dinner, we thought we were stuffed, until Brian (of Fire and Salt) unveiled the graham crackers he had made and suggested S’mores. We greatly admired his handiwork … right down to the little perforations that graham crackers always have. These graham crackers were really works of art, but frankly, it was that final rich graham cracker/marshmallow/chocolate combo that made us the happiest.  One S’more was all that was needed! We sat around the campfire chatting and getting better acquainted. We also talked of plans for the next day and who would be joining us then. We were all tired from our day of travel, so everyone turned in fairly early.


Before the children had gone off to bed, Mr. GFE had tasked them with starting the fire in the morning. He explained there would be very hot coals remaining under the ashes and advised them to just keep adding the small sticks and twigs that littered the ground. After they got a little fire going, he told them they could add larger pieces of firewood they found. He told them to stay out of the firewood pile … that wood would be saved for the evening. We awoke in the morning to the kids trying unsuccessfully to be quiet as they successfully got a small fire going, and then the slam of car doors as more folks arrived. Many happy faces greeted us as we exited the tent—the very proud firestarters and the newly arrived blogging buddies and their families.

I started a pot of hot water for the hot tea drinkers and made honey hot chocolate for others. A coffee lover in the crowd got a pot going for the relieved java junkies. Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe was definitely greeted warmly because she had shown up with a large basket of her freshly made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. Johanna stated emphatically that she is not a camper, but she loves a good picnic. Mr. GFE piped in that camping at our property is just “going on a picnic and then spending the night.” She laughed appreciatively, but remained unconvinced. She said she’d be heading back to her B&B after our evening meal.

pumpkin muffins-1

Fruit, avocados, and nuts were available for breakfast as well. But, some of us convinced Melissa of Gluten Free for Good that she didn’t need to hang on to all of her namesake Mile High Trail Mix for her hiking adventures on Old Rag mountain after breakfast. (Heather and family planned to go as well and do some of the shorter trails nearby.) Melissa informed us that she often tweaked her recipe just a bit to make a wonderful granola and graciously shared some of her trail mix with us.


Similarly, Amy of Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free agreed that a piece of her Fresh Apple Cake would also be quite fine for breakfast and we were very grateful.  She told us how her mom had made a fresh apple cake for their camping adventures when she was growing up, and this recipe was her own variation.

fresh apple cake-1

As planned, after breakfast, Melissa left with her crew and Heather and family followed to check out the Blue Ridge Mountains up close and personal. The rest of us donned bathing suits and water shoes, and applied sunscreen. Mr. GFE, still acting as head camp counselor, headed off in our canoe and Son’s kayak with Tom and some of the children for a paddle up to the cave nearby. The cave is not huge, but it does have more than one room and it does house a few cute bats and diminutive stalactites and stalagmites. Visiting it is always a fun experience and the kids were quite excited.

Some of the children stayed behind to swim in our little lagoon, snorkel, and wade around doing their best to catch crawdads and hellgrammites. We told the crawdad hunters that we’d steam any “dads” that they found for an appetizer for dinner. In the end, they saw many, but didn’t have much luck in catching them. (This time of year crawdad catching is made much more difficult by the long grass that grows in the river and offers quick hideouts for all the river inhabitants.) They still had fun though.

Hours later, everyone reconvened for a late lunch with “tales of strength and daring.” We were all hungry. A food inventory revealed a wealth of delightful salads and appetizer food. Someone joked that we should have a taste test contest to see who had made the best salad, but you could just look at these dishes and tell they were all terrific. Heather of Life, Gluten Free shared a delightful Summer Salad with fresh corn as the main ingredient. The salad also included dill, which inspired a discussion on when “to add dill” and when “not to add dill.” (For the record, I think the dill-ites outweighed the non-dill lovers like myself. LOL) 

Summer Salad-1

Christine of Without Adornment actually had made two salads, Carrot Salad and Vegetable Lover’s Pasta Salad. Both disappeared quickly.  There’s something about good food being placed in small dishes in small bite-sized pieces that makes it especially irresistible.

Carrot Salad-1

Pasta Salad-1

Linda of Kitchen Therapy presented us with a colorful and flavorful Garlicky Green Bean Potato Salad. Everyone enjoyed this salad, too, but the garlic lovers among us were especially happy. By the way, Linda didn’t hesitate to tell us that she does not look back fondly on her previous camping days, so she only stayed for a few hours before leaving for other non-outdoors adventures and we kept her close to the campfire to ensure the few pesky mosquitoes steered clear.

bean and potato salad-1

Kim of The Food Allergy Coach made Quinoa Salad with a Kick—and a nice little kick it was. A few folks had not yet tried quinoa and were surprised how much they enjoyed this dish. Kim was tickled as she loves to introduce others to new foods.

quinoa salad2-1

Emilia of A Gluten-Free Day shared her Potato Salad. This dish was as tasty as it was lovely, and it was very lovely. (Note: I can’t view Emilia’s entire post on her blog. I can just see the photo, but she and others can see her post in its entirety, so, hopefully, it’s just a gfe-unique issue and you can view all with no problems.)

Emilia Potato Salad-2

As much as we liked the salads, some of us were ready for more protein, so were happy when Friedl of Kitchen Fun passed around her plate of Rice Salad and Salmon Rolls—buckwheat crepes filled with rice salad and smoked salmon. Now, you know they were both good and good for you! Friedl is another non-camper, but she loves a nice picnic.

Rice Salad Salmon Rolls-1

Immediately after lunch, the crew scattered again. Some families embarked for town to check out Luray Caverns (caverns of spectacular proportions) and the Luray Zoo (known as a rescue zoo and formerly a reptile center, so much there for all to see). A bit later, a storm rolled in with little warning—a common summer occurrence in the mountains. Those of us at the campsite gathered under the pavilion. We re-hydrated and munched on some cut-up fruit and veggies, and I think the lids on the cookie tins were popped off at that point. Thankfully, the storm passed quickly and swimming, fishing, and all the other fun stuff resumed.

Night in the mountains, even during the summer, is always much cooler (think sweatshirts, jackets, and sleeping under blankets), but the added dampness from the rain brought a special chill. So we were all looking forward to hearty, warming dishes for supper. Again, we talked Melissa into sharing her food intended for backpacking with the rest of us. This time it was a very creamy, bisque-like Garlic Potato, Kale, and Chicken Backpacking Soup. Melissa explained that because this soup is dehydrated, it’s great for being “out in the wild” and it mixes up quickly because all the work is done before leaving home.


Carol of Simply … Gluten Free also shared her Bean & Veggie Chili, a vegetarian dish with a secret ingredient. All of us were trying to guess the ingredient, and some came close, but nobody got it exactly right. LOL We all loved the addition of the avocado slices.

bean and veggie chili-1

Naomi of Straight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried and, of course, the founder/”mother” of Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free! whipped out her seasoned 8-inch cast iron skillet and made a Courgette (Zucchini) Tortilla. Later, as we ate and made sounds of approval, she explained how to properly “season” a cast iron skillet and why using one is beneficial. Some of us joked that we might need another demonstration on the merits of cast iron cooking. Naomi chuckled, but little did we know that she’d later oblige our request.

courgette tortilla-1

While the others cooked on multiple-burner stoves, to satisfy the carnivores in the group (Mr. GFE and a few others), Mr. GFE and I grilled a Lovely London Broil. I also had a pot of artichokes steaming and by this time potatoes, corn on the cob, and Vidalia onions were baking in the coals and, in fact, almost ready.

London Broil 008

After dinner, Naomi pulled another cast iron skillet out of her camping supplies, this one 6 inches in diameter. We all looked on with delight as she made a Hazelnut and Apple Pudding Cake. We grabbed spoons and had small exquisite tastes once the cake cooled enough. But the children were clamoring for S’mores again in the background (uh, some of those children looked pretty old! LOL), so we asked her to save the rest for Sunday’s breakfast.

apple campfire puddingcake-1

We had eaten all of Brian’s homemade graham crackers the previous night, so I suggested that we make my alternative S’mores using my brown sugar chocolate chip cookies and flourless peanut butter cookies. Everyone agreed, trying to make the right decision on which type of cookie to use … some finally giving up on this difficult decision and making one of each.

The night air was getting even cooler, so Mr. GFE added several large logs to the fire, turning up the heat and the light. Finally, with full bellies, we sat back in our chairs around the campfire snuggled up in hoodies and the like, and quite content. Mr. GFE entertained us with stories on his college reunion we’d held at our property years ago and some ghost stories from his parents’ home that was built in 1802. The children in the group were listening with an equal amount of pleasure and uneasiness at the mention of ghosts. Some edged just a bit closer to their parents. The youngsters finally headed off to bed and most of us who remained enjoyed a final glass of wine or nightcap as we chatted. At one point there was a lull in the conversation and we heard the eerie sounds of the resident screech owl. The campfire experience is always lovely, and sharing it with our new friends made it especially so. But, finally, we all called it a night.

The next morning we got up grateful for another beautiful day and being with each other again, but a bit sad that we’d soon be parting ways. Breakfast and lunch for the day ended up being leftovers of one’s choice—a veritable smorgasbord. Activities were more of the same, until gradually folks started leaving for home. Smiles and hugs were exchanged with talk of a follow-up get together next year. The non-campers in the group put in their bids for other places to meet—places without “wilderness” and bugs. (The campers in tthe group laughed, but no promises were made.) There were even mentions of possible gluten-free dishes that could be shared at our next meeting. (We do love our gluten-free food, don’t we? Deprivation? … none present, and did you notice that almost all the dishes were naturally gluten free or made gluten free easily. The exceptions were treats that would be worth making for the occasional wonderful indulgence.) Finally, Mr. GFE and I packed up and headed home, pleased that we’d been able to host such a wonderful event with everyone’s terrific contributions.

Note: If you’ve enjoyed reading this Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free! roundup and others from the past,  and have always wanted to participate, but haven’t yet, take a look at the listing of hosts and themes for the next year here. Kim of The Food Allergy Coach will be hosting for August. Her theme is “Chill Out”—dishes that beat the summer heat (no cook and/or served cold). How appropriate is that theme for these “dog days” of summer? Read more here. Check out the other themes as well … there might be some that particularly suit your fancy! Just mark your calendar for the month(s) of your choice and you’ll be set to participate. Thanks so much to the lovely and always clever and creative Naomi for coming up with GAHIGF! It’s always such fun and I’m constantly amazed at the quality of the recipes shared, not to mention the award-quality photos. Participants for this roundup, please update your post to include a link back to this post so everyone can find all these terrific recipes. And, no camping is required for all you readers … just click on the links and spend a few minutes enjoying all these great recipes  that made me a very happy camper! ;-)

Not just gf, but gfe!

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52 Responses to “Go Ahead Honey “Make Me A Happy Camper””

  1. WendyGK on August 1st, 2009 1:25 pm

    Beautifully written. I really wanted to “be” there at your campout. I was about to send Jenn an email and ask her why she left Columbus without me. :)

    • Shirley on August 1st, 2009 4:13 pm

      Hi Wendy–Thank you so very much! Maybe we should start planning right now for a real gf campout. I’m game!! We’ve hosted over a hundred folks there for five days before, so I know we can do it. ;-) Things like these take time to plan/organize … maybe next July 4th? What do you think?


  2. Linda-Kitchen Therapy on August 1st, 2009 3:51 pm

    What fun, and what a great turn out. Thanks Shirley!

    • Shirley on August 1st, 2009 5:08 pm

      Hi, Linda–Thank you for participating! I could really envision us all getting together sharing these wonderful dishes and having such a blast. :-)


  3. H.Peter on August 1st, 2009 6:38 pm

    I am in awe. I must say that you have really made an impact over there in your corner and beyond of course, to have so many fellow GF foodies join in on a FANTASTIC weekend like that.

    I am not going to complain that my invitation must have gotten lost somewhere or ended in my spam filter… I am just going to congratulate you on such an achievement.

    Shitrley that’s amazing!

    • Shirley on August 1st, 2009 6:51 pm

      H.Peter–Now I’m feeling a bit badly. This was a virtual weekend. I followed Naomi’s lead from her Go Ahead Honey post a few months back where she wrote about us all getting together for a girls’ evening and enjoying all the foods we’d prepared. Perhaps I should go back and add a little note in my post to clearly indicate this only occurred in the gfe fantasy world. I don’t want to mislead anyone else. But, I could clearly imagine this weekend with all these wonderful gf bloggers and their amazing foods … those would be fun times indeed. Like I told Wendy in my reply to her comment, I think we should really do it next year!!! I don’t know how many folks could actually make it (we’re widely disbursed across the world), but what fun it would be for the folks who could join in!

      Now, I can say to you, check out those airplane tickets. You’d fly into IAD for the most direct drive to our property. :-) Hugs … forgive me?

  4. H.Peter on August 1st, 2009 7:35 pm


    I kept thinking, shes was away for two weeks, when did she have time to whip all those people up and get them to come out at teh same time….

    The pics made me think a bit, but i thought it might be due to bad lighting at the campsite…..

    • Shirley on August 1st, 2009 7:39 pm

      H.Peter–I’m so glad you are a good sport about it—what a relief! ;-) I’ve added a caveat at the beginning.

      But rest assured, I could have pulled this get together off (with Mr. GFE’s help, of course) if we hadn’t been toodling all over New England. LOL


  5. Johanna on August 1st, 2009 8:47 pm

    oh that was such a great read – thank you – it makes me think maybe I would swap my cosy b&b for the fun of camping – and so much good food – can we do it again soon!

    • Shirley on August 1st, 2009 11:08 pm

      Hi Johanna–Thank you for your very kind comment! LOL on giving up the B&B for camping … I told Mr. GFE (I’d read my post to him since he played such a large role) and he got a chuckle out of your change of mind. I think you’d really like it after all. ;-) Yes, a great time was had by all!! And, we do have some more good camping weather before it gets too cold at night. There’s still time! :-)


  6. Lauren on August 1st, 2009 9:03 pm

    Haha! Lovely post =D. All of the entries look amazing.

    • Shirley on August 1st, 2009 11:13 pm

      Lauren–Thanks very much! Yes, all the dishes were wonderful. I can absolutely imagine us all getting together to share them. :-)


  7. Ali on August 1st, 2009 11:15 pm

    Shirley – That was so creative, I really felt as if we were all together! Lots of great blogs to check out when I get a chance and lots of lovely photos to drool over!

    What a fun camping trip we all had! I was just thinking when I could schedule another trip out to see you – maybe next summer. ;)

    -Ali :)

    • Shirley on August 2nd, 2009 10:36 am

      Good morning, Ali–Thanks! Yes, some wonderful blogs … some old friends and some new friends to make—always love that. :-) If we all got together at our property, it would be that wonderful … I’m game. ;-)


  8. Amy Green - Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free on August 1st, 2009 11:52 pm

    Shirley – Wow!! You are incredible. What a hoot! It’s so much fun to see everyone’s creations and take on one theme. Great theme! Thanks for hosting this month.

    • Shirley on August 2nd, 2009 10:42 am

      Hi, Amy–Ah, thanks! I truly appreciate the positive feedback. The story almost told itself after I read each of the submissions and looked at the recipes/photos. Everyone outdid themselves. If only we could get together to sample all of these fabulous recipes and meet our blogging buddies face to face … how cool would that be? :-)


  9. Nance on August 2nd, 2009 2:04 pm

    Holy crap, what a lot of work, and that wasn’t virtual! Good job and a fun read.
    But…pray tell…”bush hogging?!?!” Some of us suburban Ohioans are really struggling with that one.

    • Shirley on August 3rd, 2009 7:18 am

      Hi Nance–LOL Thanks, Nance! Like any great weekend camping, some work has to go into the fun. ;-) A bush hog is a piece of equipment and bush hogging is using that piece of equipment. Read definitions here. I’m sure you’ve seen a bush hog and bush hogging being done before, you just didn’t realize it. You simply called it mowing. :-)


  10. naomi on August 2nd, 2009 4:10 pm

    Fantastic write up! I feel like I had a great weekend, and I can’t believe I ate that much! We really must do it again soon.

    Thanks so much for hosting Shirley, you really did us all proud.

    x x x

    • Shirley on August 3rd, 2009 7:21 am

      Naomi–I know … we all overdid it, but such great food and companionship. Yes, we have to do it again. Let’s set a date, shall we?

      You’re welcome, Naomi, and thank you for the very nice compliment. Of course, I have to thank all the fabulous bloggers who contributed–the gave me wonderful material with their individual posts and recipes! :-) It’s nice to see new folks and GAHIGF growing … it just keeps getting better and better!


  11. Anali on August 2nd, 2009 11:16 pm

    This post was put together so beautifully! I love how the non-campers ducked out early and headed to B&Bs. Funny! All the food sounds delicious and I can just picture the light and warmth of the fire. : )

    • Shirley on August 3rd, 2009 7:23 am

      Hi, Anali!–Oh, thank you so much! Those non-camping types … what can you do? LOL I think they’re sorry now though … they missed out on the last little bits of every evening around the fire and who wants to miss anything at a great party? ;-) Hope you’ll join us the next time we have one of these GAHIGF get togethers!


  12. glutenfreeforgood on August 3rd, 2009 6:53 am

    Wow — I am SO impressed! What a great story. I guess your creative juices were really flowing after 2,000 miles on a motorcycle!

    You sure had a wild turnout with this! Very cool, great recipes, delightful story-telling. Thanks, Shirley. Great job putting this together and we all appreciate it. You win the GF camp counselor of the year award!

    Happy trails,

    • Shirley on August 3rd, 2009 7:29 am

      Hey there, Melissa!–Ha ha on the creative juices flowing after the bike ride (2,083 miles, but who’s counting … LOL)!

      Yes, it was a great turnout! A lovely group of folks with some very tasty recipes. I’m so glad that you are not upset with us for eating so much of your backpacking food. I really hope you didn’t run short on food supplies when you were out hiking Old Rag. I know it’s a small mountain compared to the ones you normally traverse, but the heat and humidity of the Blue Ridge Mountains can make different demands on the body than the ones in Colorado I believe.

      Thanks so much for the award! Wow, is there a badge involved? ;-) Seriously, thank you for your kind words!

  13. Carol, Simply...Gluten-free on August 3rd, 2009 9:55 am

    Great job with the round up and I have to say that was some pretty fancy camping food!

    • Shirley on August 4th, 2009 6:33 am

      Hey, Carol!–Good morning to you and thanks very much for the feedback! Eveyone who submitted entries (including YOU–thanks!) did a lovely job, didn’t they? Actually this food kind of parallels the way we usually eat camping because great food tastes even better outdoors near the fire, looking at the river. :-) Going to our property again this weekend–can’t wait!


  14. Linda on August 3rd, 2009 11:35 am

    What a great story full of many great recipes. I wish now that I had joined in. I haven’t participated in Go Ahead Honey, yet, but I do plan on it.

    • Shirley on August 4th, 2009 6:41 am

      Hi Linda–Yes, it was a super roundup for sure, and thanks for your kind words. We wish you’d joined in, too! There was plenty of room for you camping and at the table. :-) I understand you’ve got a LOT going on over at your own site, The Gluten-Free Homemaker, but perhaps you can join in this month for Kim’s (of The Food Allergy Coach) “Chill-out” theme—a great one for August I think. :-)


  15. Heather on August 4th, 2009 11:20 am

    It’s one of those times when I “thought” I had made a comment but actually didn’t. You had a lot of participants! I love this theme, it is one of my favorites.

    I like the idea of the no-mayo potato salad by Emilia, especially since Sophie can’t have mayonnaise. I’ll have to try that soon.

    Thanks for the fun theme Shirley!

    • Shirley on August 4th, 2009 7:30 pm

      Hi Heather–We’ve all been in that boat, dear. LOL I’m just glad you didn’t miss your camping and hiking adventure. ;-) Yes, it was a great turnout. I think Carol really revved up the participation and it’s continuing to go up given Naomi’s “applicants” for hosting this next year. Way cool!

      I wish I’d thought to note in the post that Emilia’s potato salad was mayo-free … rats. Hope others who need that option pick up that fact. It is a beautiful potato salad, too.

      Thank you for being part of the campout! Hugs,

  16. Rosie on August 4th, 2009 12:55 pm

    What a delightful and inspirational blog entry! All of these recipes and photos look absolutely delicious and to have a gathering of like-minded gluten-free cooks is such a brilliant idea. I love it! Here’s another fun and inspiring yet delicious website by one of my fave GF cooks: Tina Turbin’s http://www.glutenfreehelp.info

    • Shirley on August 4th, 2009 7:39 pm

      Rosie–Wow, thank you for those kind words! And, welcome to gfe! It was a delightful group of folks who had equally delightful dishes to share.

      Thanks, too, for the link to Tina’s site. I took a quick look and it looks like she has some great stuff there. There can’t be enough good gf sites … we all have different perspectives and needs. :-)

      Hope to see you more, Rosie!

  17. Friedl on August 5th, 2009 9:41 am

    I LOVE the way you wrote this round-up; very original and entertaining ! =)

    Also I would like to add: good job, everyone ! Quite a list of useful recipes !

    • Shirley on August 6th, 2009 8:45 pm

      Hey there, Friedl!–Thank you!! Yes, this was quite a group of happy campers sharing a variety of very helpful recipes. Isn’t it great when you have a get together and it works out so well? So much better than having everyone show up with the same thing. ;-)

      Thanks again for your contribution. I know several of us want to make your buckwheat crepes and try different fillings. I’ve voiced my own love of salmon many times, so your original recipe works for me. :-)


  18. CoconutGal on August 5th, 2009 11:10 am

    What a lovely, cool, creative story and post Shirley!! I had to read the comments to figure out it was gfe fantasy! You made it sound so real, I was like, Wow, how did they manage to get them all there together?! Wow!! Everything looks amazing and sounds de-licious!
    Cute cute cute story!! xxox

    • Shirley on August 6th, 2009 8:49 pm

      Hi CoconutGal–It’s so good to see you here … it’s been a while. Thank you for your very sweet words! The “law of attraction” says you have to be able to visualize what you want before it occurs, right? It seems we’re all able to visualize this get together, so it’s going to happen some time in the near future. I’ll make happy campers out of everyone yet. ;-)

      Hugs to you,

  19. Gluten Free Steve on August 6th, 2009 9:46 pm

    What a great posting – great photos and great descriptions. I was a slacker Shirley. You asked me to participate and I didn’t – so sorry. Just trying to balance it all between blogging and work and life and I’ve been lax in blogging. Keep up your great work.

    • Shirley on August 7th, 2009 10:54 am

      Hey, thanks, Steve!! I am tickled everyone is enjoying the virtual camping trip so much. :-) So many wonderful folks particpated this month with delish recipes! If only we had them all with us as we head back up to our property in the morning … ;-) … a gathering of gf bloggers some time in the future would be great though!

      No worries on slacking (I mean I haven’t replied to your last email yet, right?). That kind of stuff happens. As my friend, Nance, said I’m also gfe–guilt free easily. LOl, but true. Guilt is a waste. Life happens to all of us. Turn your energies to another gf endeavor … maybe this month’s GAHIGF that Kim is hosting. Her theme is “Chill-out.” (Link is at the bottom of this post.)

      Hope you and The Artist have a great weekend! And, thanks for all your encouragement/kudos from day one! :-)


  20. Kay on August 8th, 2009 11:07 am

    Sounds like a weekend in gluten free Heaven! I frequently wish we all lived in the same neighborhood so we could share meals, advice and laughs. We’ll all get together one day, I’m sure of it!

    Wish I’d have joined in the fun! But chicken coop construction is keeping me busy, and I’ve been held prisoner until the wee hours nightly by excess produce. Got beans in the freezer and a refrigerator full of Claussen-like dill pickles. Next, sundried tomatoes, tomato sauce, and (groan!) back to post hole digging.

    I don’t use any recipes this time of year. Steam it, grill it, bake it, saute it, or eat it raw. Then move along to the next task. I have finally tweaked the recipe for my daily sorghum millet bread. Plan to post it by the first snowfall.

    • Shirley on August 10th, 2009 11:20 pm

      Hi, Kay–I’m honored that when you took a break you came here to gfe to visit! Oh, boy, wouldn’t that be a wonderful time with all of us together, eating safely, but yet trying new dishes and getting to laugh together and share tips (that’s where all the wisdom comes from!)? :-)

      Wow, you’re being kept busy to even the wee hours of the morning! I guess you can sleep in the winter, right? All your work is very impressive. I have to agree that there is not much need for recipes during the summer. I think my oven gets a complex, from its lack of use. I’m sure everyone will be counting the days until you post your bread recipe. Wow, first snowfall, you’re really making us wait, woman! ;-) Good for you for making a schedule that works for you though and baking bread when it’s snowing sounds just right!


  21. Christine on August 8th, 2009 11:54 am

    Everything looks SOO delicious! It would be awesome to really have a weekend like this with such excellent food! Thanks for doing this!

    • Shirley on August 10th, 2009 11:23 pm

      Hi Christine–Thanks so much for the joining in GAHIGF and commenting here. We can all imagine what a treat it would be to have a gf event like this one! One day … I believe (truly I do)!


  22. Lauren on August 10th, 2009 10:20 pm

    As I said before, wonderful post! I’ve got something for you over at my blog =D.

    • Shirley on August 10th, 2009 11:32 pm

      Hi, Lauren–Oh, thank you so much for my blog award! I am so happy, especially after staying up too late tonight to get some of my trip photos posted. ;-) You let me know it’s all worthwhile when I am bit tired and overextended. LOL

      Congrats to you on your award! So well deserved as I always love checking out your site. :-) You chose some wonderful bloggers I am already familiar with and others I need to get to know!


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