Winning Almond Recipes and Almond Board of California Giveaway

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Almond Board of California Products

I’m an almond lover, so it was such a treat (literally!) to receive an email from the Almond Board of California sharing some of the winners of their recent Nutrition Pros Know Best Almond Challenge. I was even more delighted when I discovered that one of the almond-based recipes that they shared with me was from my dear friend, Cheryl of Gluten-Free Goodness and Harris Whole Health. Her Intense Chocolate Almond Bites caught my eye when she first posted them on her blog. I don’t know about you, but every word of her recipe title speaks to me! The Almond Board also shared this Orange Almond Cake recipe from Laura Uyemura. Having previously shared my own recipe for Double Chocolate Clementine Cake, which featured almond flour in addition to clementines, my own love of the combination of almonds and oranges is well known. Even without a chocolate factor, Laura’s recipe (shown further down) looks absolutely scrumptious!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who took the time to enter by sharing their favorite ways to use almonds! Congratulations to Claire (who won via the Pick a Giveaway Winner tool)! Her comment is shown below:

“I love almonds in trail mix and almond flour in chocolate chip cookies. I do think I will have to try those samoas too!”

The Almond Board of California wants you to try their almonds in the best recipes, and while they do not promote specific brands, they’re sponsoring a giveaway from one of the many fine almond growers in California.

One gfe reader will win the following (shown in the photo at the top):

Blanched Slivered Almonds (1-lb bag)

Roasted Almonds (1-lb bag)

Almond Flour (3-lb bag)

All products are gluten-free, high quality, and are produced and packaged in a facility that only produces nuts.


To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on your favorite recipe that uses almonds or share other ways that you enjoy almonds. This giveaway will end Friday, February 1, at midnight Eastern Standard Time.


gluten free, dairy free, almond flour, orange, cake, Almond Board of California, Laura

Almond Orange Cake from Laura Uyemura, RD

Orange Almond Cake
  • 4 large egg yolks
  • 2 Tbsp orange zest
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 1½ cups almond flour or almond meal*
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 4 large egg whites
  • 4 Tbsp sugar
  • Pinch salt
  • Powdered sugar
  • 2-3 Tbsp slivered almonds for decoration
  1. Preheat oven to 375º
  2. Prepare a 9 inch cake pan or spring form pan: grease bottom and sides well.
  3. Cut out a circle of wax paper and fit it into the bottom of the pan. Grease the paper.
  4. Coat the bottom and sides of the pan with almond flour, shaking out the excess.
  5. Beat egg yolks, zest, cinnamon, and 2 Tbsp sugar with electric mixer.
  6. Mix almond flour with 2 Tbsp sugar and stir into the mixture above.
  7. Beat egg whites, pinch of salt, and 4 Tbsp sugar until soft peaks form.
  8. Blend a large spoonful of the egg white mixture into the almond mixture with a spatula. (It will be very stiff so mash it in, and add more whites until it’s soft enough to fold in the rest.)
  9. Fold in the rest of the egg whites.
  10. Pour into prepared pan.
  11. Bake for 35 minutes until tester comes out clean.
  12. Cool in pan, then un-mold and turn onto a serving platter.
  13. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and slivered almonds.
Makes 12 slices, serving size is one slice *You can purchase almond flour or almond meal; the latter is ground with skin. You may also grind your own in a food processor or blender, using about 1½ to 2 cups of almonds.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 slice Calories: 140
almonds, chocolate, cookies, Cheryl Harris RD, MPH, RD, CWC, CLC

Intense Chocolate Almond Bites from Cheryl Harris MPH, RD, CWC, CLC

Intense Chocolate Almond Bites
  • 1 cup whole roasted almonds
  • ⅓ cup cocoa powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ cup honey
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  1. Preheat oven to 325º.
  2. Put the almonds, cocoa powder and salt in a food processor and grind until only small pieces of almond remain, about 2 minutes.
  3. Add in honey and vanilla extract and pulse for 30 seconds.
  4. Form into balls the size of a cherry and flatten down.
  5. Place on a Silpat mat or parchment lined cookie sheet for ease of cleanup (these do not spread, so feel free to put them close together).
  6. Cook for 9-11 minutes or until browning.
  7. The bites harden as they cool after baking.
Makes 20 bites.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 4 bites Calories: 205

Finally, here are five more almond “treat” recipes that you will LOVE! (Many thanks to these bloggers for graciously sharing their recipe photos here so that you get a preview!)

Almond Flour Cinnamon Roll Pancakes from The Gluten-Free Homemaker (which uses almond flour)

gluten free, dairy free, almond flour, cinnamon roll, pancakes, Linda Etherton, Gluten-Free Homemaker

Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cinnamon Roll Pancakes from The Gluten-Free Homemaker

Applesauce Muffins from Gluten Free Easily (This recipe of mine uses almond flour.)

March Muffin Madness, gfe, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free

Gluten-Free Applesauce Muffins from Gluten Free Easily

Cocoa-Dusted Almonds from Jeanette’s Healthy Living (Jeanette’s recipe uses roasted almonds. She also shares the many benefits of almonds—great, informative read!)

gluten free, dairy free, chocolate, almonds, Jeanette Chen, Jeanette's Healthy Living

Cocoa-Dusted Almonds from Jeanette’s Healthy Living

Chocolate Haystacks from Gluten Free Easily (As noted, slivered almonds can be substituted for the gluten-free chow mein noodles.)

gluten free, dairy free, chocolate, slivered almonds, haystacks, candy, Gluten Free Easily

Chocolate Haystacks from Gluten Free Easily

Paleo Samoa Cookies from Elana’s Pantry (As is true for most of Elana’s recipes, this one uses almond flour.)

gluten free, dairy free, grain free, refined sugar free, paleo, samoa, Girl Scout cookies, Elana Amsterdam, Elana's Pantry

Gluten-Free Paleo Samoa Cookies from Elana’s Pantry

Full disclosure: These products were provided for my use free of charge from the Almond Board of California. However, the opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own.

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115 Responses to “Winning Almond Recipes and Almond Board of California Giveaway”

  1. Jessica on January 27th, 2013 6:50 am

    Almonds are one of my favorite treats. I love to mix almond butter with honey and ground flaxseed, and dip veggies in it; like carrots and celery!

  2. Cara on January 27th, 2013 8:51 am

    I love almonds in almond milk. I drink it every day!

  3. Vicki W on January 27th, 2013 9:29 am

    I have a GF vegan cupcake recipe that uses almond flour that I love. My pie crust recipe also uses almond flour.

  4. SherriS. on January 27th, 2013 10:24 am

    My favorite almond flour recipe is Elana’s Pantry’s chocolate chip scones. They are flavorful and get me through the morning without a blood sugar drop. I’ve changed them up a few times by switching the chololate chips for dried cranberries, adding cinnamon sometimes or right now pumpkin! Love them.

    Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  5. Casandra F. on January 27th, 2013 10:48 am

    The Samona Cookies are my favorite.

  6. Ruby Lin on January 27th, 2013 10:59 am

    I definitely will try Orange Almond Cake.

  7. Claire on January 27th, 2013 11:00 am

    I love almonds in trail mix and almond flour in chocolate chip cookies. I do think I will haveo to try those samoas too!

  8. Melissa @ glutenfreeforgood on January 27th, 2013 11:13 am

    Every one of these recipes look amazing, but having a healthy GF Girl Scout cookie (especially a Samoa) recipe is very intriguing. Thank you for putting this almond goodness list together, Shirley.

  9. Diana G on January 27th, 2013 11:46 am

    I love almond butter on toast. Raw, unsalted.

  10. Jen on January 27th, 2013 12:32 pm

    I have been enjoying almond flour since beginning the Paleo lifestyle over a year ago. It’s been great for the occasional baked Paleo treat. However, my favorite way to enjoy almonds continues to be having them in the form of dark chocolate almond clusters!

  11. Angela on January 27th, 2013 12:40 pm

    I love almond flour! I especially love the combination of chocolate and almonds, and I love the dense, European style chocolate almond cakes (still looking for a recipe for that.)
    I have tried your Applesauce muffins, and they are a household regular now – not only are they very tasty and versatile, but they are also so easy to make!

  12. Cindy W. on January 27th, 2013 1:41 pm

    I make this amazing pizza that has an almond flour, shredded zucchini and cheese crust. I saw it on a blog and it was delicious.

  13. Nicole on January 27th, 2013 1:43 pm

    I use almond flour in almost everything! My favorite almond flour recipe is Elana Amsterdam’s Peanut Butter Cookies… so simple to make, not too many ingredients, and it yields a small amount, which is important when you live in a two-person household.

  14. Brandae on January 27th, 2013 1:43 pm

    I’m eating Justin’s Classic Almond Butter right now – with a banana. :) I’d like to try the samoas and pancakes too. Fun giveaway!

  15. Emily on January 27th, 2013 1:48 pm

    I love using almond flour to make hearty crepes!

  16. Yvonne M. on January 27th, 2013 2:06 pm

    I use a combination of almond flour and Parmesan for a tasty breading on all sorts of meats and fish.

  17. Sarah on January 27th, 2013 2:08 pm

    I love almonds! I top oatmeal slivered almonds, make my own almond butter and I love baking with them to. I’d love to try making those Intense Chocolate Almond Bites!

  18. Kim L on January 27th, 2013 2:11 pm

    I enjoy almonds in homemade granola bars, also mixed with roasted brussel sprouts. I love almond butter too, even add almonds to salads and oatmeal!

  19. Loretta | A Finn In The Kitchen on January 27th, 2013 2:51 pm

    My hubby makes some mean almond flour waffles which I believe are from Comfy Belly….

  20. Cathy P. on January 27th, 2013 2:55 pm

    Where do I start! I love whole almonds stirred into vanilla Greek yogurt, chia seeds and dried apricots. For lunch I love Udi’s Ancient Grains toast with almond butter, and for dessert the Gluten Free Goddess’ banana crumb cake made with almond flour is to die for!!!!

  21. Kathleen Conner on January 27th, 2013 3:05 pm

    I eat the raw as a snack, often with a piece of fruit

  22. Christopher Sorel on January 27th, 2013 3:07 pm

    Started to use almond meal about 1.5 cups with 3/4 coconut oil then press into pan and bake for 20 minutes at 350 for easy quiche or pie crust. Love it

  23. Nadine on January 27th, 2013 3:19 pm

    We love sliced almonds on the bottom of the pan of cinnamon rolls (with the brown sugar “goo”) – so when the rolls are flipped out the almonds are on the top. So beautiful and sticky delicious!

  24. Stacy L on January 27th, 2013 3:25 pm

    I love almonds in or on just about anything, but I but them in all my salads!

  25. Lara on January 27th, 2013 3:29 pm

    I eat a handful of raw almonds almost every day, and love making my own almond milk as well. I also like almond butter on gluten free toast. And I’ve started trying recipes with almond flour as well – muffins, pie crust, and I’m looking forward to trying the recipe links you included here! Thank you for the great compilation!

  26. Debra on January 27th, 2013 3:39 pm

    Love,love, love Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies made with almond flour! Just finished a bowl of blueberries, sliced almonds, and almond milk!

  27. Anna Popescu on January 27th, 2013 3:40 pm

    I’ve never tried them but those Intense Chocolate Almond Bites look awesome, so I definitely need to make them. Thanks for sharing such great GF recipes and tips!

  28. Lois on January 27th, 2013 3:53 pm

    Being a Diabetic, I cannot eat regular bread – it makes my blood glucose skyrocket so I make a “breadless bread” from Meghan telpner’s website that used almond flour and some nuts and seeds. It is delicious and extremely satisfying — a small slice and a salad and maybe a cup of soup makes a great meal. I also make my own almond milk weekly! thanks for the opportunity to enter your wonderful give-away!

  29. Cheryl Harris on January 27th, 2013 3:56 pm

    What a fun giveaway, and thanks so much for sharing my cookies! I will also be trying those cocoa dusted almonds for sure. Please don’t enter me–I’m working my way through all the almonds I won still. ;)

  30. Susan Jonell Roragen on January 27th, 2013 4:19 pm

    I love almonds but haven’t used them in a long, long time since I can’t get any GOOD ones here. But if I won, I would definitely start baking again, and your Orange Almond Cake would be first on the list!

  31. Betty Anne on January 27th, 2013 4:38 pm

    My favorite almond flour recipe is Chocolate Chip Cookies from Elana’s Pantry.

  32. Jenny on January 27th, 2013 4:54 pm

    I know this may not be your typical response but I use almonds/almond meal when making Penny her doggie treats…they are loaded with almonds, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, tumeric, and egg to hold them all together. She goes crazy for these treats and paces in the kitchen until they are cool enough for her to eat.

    As for human food…I love baking cookies with almond flour…so delicious!

  33. Sandra Simkins on January 27th, 2013 5:02 pm

    I love to eat almonds and I love almond milk and chocolate almond pudding!

  34. Erin on January 27th, 2013 5:05 pm

    Almond Milk – homemade and Almond based cookies!

  35. Kate on January 27th, 2013 5:07 pm

    pizza crust…just one of the many recipes I use as I rely on almond flour regularly…

  36. Clare on January 27th, 2013 5:14 pm

    I love flourless almond cake with raspberries and a bit of lemon juice to service.

  37. Terrie Swanson on January 27th, 2013 5:19 pm

    Back in October, I purchased a case of clementines for $3.00. I made a Clementine Cake from Almond Flour. OMG!!! It was moist and nutty and citrusly, everything I love. No one could believe it was gluten free. I love nuts but almonds has got to be my favorite.

  38. Jessica Jordan on January 27th, 2013 5:28 pm

    I love almond flour shortbread cookies, and gluten free granola. So delish!

  39. Janelle F. on January 27th, 2013 5:37 pm

    I love eating almonds & almond flour pancakes!

  40. Carolyn on January 27th, 2013 5:43 pm

    I love almonds fixed any way I can think of. Here is one of my favorite recipes, from you, Shirley: Almond Banana Carrot (ABC) Muffins

  41. Ally on January 27th, 2013 5:55 pm

    I like Bakewell Tarts, which have an almond sponge. Yummy!

  42. Wendy M on January 27th, 2013 6:26 pm

    I love almond flour and chocolate covered almonds.

  43. julie on January 27th, 2013 6:48 pm

    I make a lemon cake with almond flour!

  44. Jacqlin on January 27th, 2013 7:20 pm

    I love, love, love almonds alone or in salads, cookies, and cereal. A favorite recipe is an almond gf crust my daughter uses with her tofu cheesecake-YUM!

  45. Lisa on January 27th, 2013 7:30 pm

    We love frangipane, it was our family tradition to have a galette des rois for Three Kings Day every year on January 6th. It signaled the end of the Christmas season and was a fun tradition; the Mardi Gras king cakes are based on this. Our son’s celiac diagnosis 6 months ago meant that we didn’t have it this year and it felt like we missed out on a beloved tradition. With almond flour not being cheap, I hated to experiment with some kind of gluten free version especially as I’m already feeling overwhelmed with the transition to gluten free foods. Fortunately, the frangipane itself is gluten free and so very tasty, wish we could eat it by itself! :-)

  46. Karol on January 27th, 2013 7:56 pm

    I love to just snack on almonds. But I’ve really been wanting to make my own roasted almonds with cinnamon and sea salt. I think I’ll have to try making that soon.

  47. Sharon Baridon on January 27th, 2013 8:13 pm

    Shirley! My sister has been using almond flour for years in her cakes. Just in the past year I have started using almond flour, in, well, about everything. LOVE the texture it gives to cakes. I use almond butter in my smoothies, and love toasted almonds in a Carmel Popcorn I have made, and let me not forget the crowning glory on my Almond Joy candy!!. Let’s just say a big ole YUMMY! I think up next is the Orange Almond Cake! As always, thank you! You are the best! And I just ran out of almond flour!

  48. Kathy on January 27th, 2013 8:20 pm

    Love almonds! Almonds on top of pineapple cake or nutty apple granola ( almonds, pumpkinseeds, and sunflower seeds apples and cinnamon, no grains). Yum!

  49. Kelly on January 27th, 2013 8:58 pm

    I soak my almonds, toast them in the oven for 4-5 hours, then add them to oatmeal. Love them!

  50. Venessa on January 27th, 2013 9:03 pm

    I love to use Almond flour in pancakes, pie crust, & muffins. I love almond anything! Thanks for this awesome giveaway! :-)

  51. Alena M on January 27th, 2013 9:36 pm

    Almond flour cinnamon rolls from urban poser…

  52. vickie on January 27th, 2013 9:55 pm

    Almonds are my go to nut. I put them on hot breakfast cereal to salad to making a crust for pie or fish. Almond flour mixed with other ingredients for topping on cobbler or muffins. Almonds with chocolate or butter or spices can do a lot for any baked good and their great all by themselves! I like eating raw almond butter from the jar. Can’t do without them.

  53. Angela on January 27th, 2013 11:16 pm

    So now that I have made Shirley’s granola clusters – that is what I would make first if I won!!!

  54. Lori M-C on January 27th, 2013 11:30 pm

    Oatmeal almond butter chocolate chip muffins are my favorite!

  55. Betty on January 28th, 2013 12:40 am

    Almonds are my favorite desk snack! As a baking ingredient, I make an almond loaf with dates, fruit and coconut that’s a favorite for weekend breakfasts. :)

  56. Susan on January 28th, 2013 1:01 am

    I’ve never cooked with Almond Flour, but would love to try it. I love snacking on almonds — they taste great and contain good fats.

  57. KarenW on January 28th, 2013 8:38 am

    I love almonds in my granola.

  58. Amanda on January 28th, 2013 9:38 am

    We love snacking on them, but we also use them for pancakes and cookies. We eat more than are probably reasonable.

  59. Ina Gawne on January 28th, 2013 10:52 am

    Shirley – the recipes look fabulous. I love love almonds! I always use pan roasted almonds in homemade pesto sauce – so good. Tamari almonds are great for snacking and so healthy too. I also use ground almond flour in my homemade granola – very filling.

  60. Liz @ The Good Eatah on January 28th, 2013 10:55 am

    Oh my. All of those recipes look amazing! My go-to almond recipe is Elana’s Pantry chocolate chip cookies. They’re so simple and tasty. I must try that intense chocolate one though. In fact, I think I’m going to make it today!

  61. Lily on January 28th, 2013 10:59 am

    I love everything almonds. Recently I tried a very delicious “sugar cookie” with almond flour, almond extract, honey and ghee. That is my favorite cookie now!

  62. April on January 28th, 2013 11:18 am

    I loved the cocoa dusted almonds. My husband is a HUGE dark chocolate lover, but he enjioyed these. Intense chocolate almond bites will be the next one I try.

  63. Erin Smith on January 28th, 2013 11:19 am

    I love eating almonds and banana chips for a pre-workout pick-me-up.

  64. Donna Strickler on January 28th, 2013 11:24 am

    Hi Shirley,
    I love almonds, and I love using almond flour. One of my favorite recipes is Elana Amsterdam’s Carrot Cake from her Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook – it is absolutely delish! I’m definitely going to try the Orange Almond Cake this weekend! Thanks for continuing to bring us great info and great giveaways – you’re the best :-)!

  65. Donna Strickler on January 28th, 2013 11:36 am

    Just wanted to let you know that I tried your “Flourless Peanutbutter Cookie” recipe this weekend, and they were wonderful!!! My husband and son ate them, and couldn’t even tell that they were gluten-free :-)!

    • Shirley on January 29th, 2013 12:17 pm

      Yay, Donna! You know that I absolutely LOVE hearing that news, right?! Gluten-free recipes done right should not taste any different and should always taste fantastic. That’s why naturally gluten-free recipes rock so much! ;-) You’re following the gfe approach … hooray for you! :-)


  66. Kim - Cook It Allergy Free on January 28th, 2013 11:59 am

    Wow, Laura’s Orange cake looks amazing. It reminds me of a cake my Mom used to make all of the time when I was growing up. Of course, back then, she had to make her own almond flour… :)
    Loving all of the recipes you linked to. I love Almond flour. I use it in most of my baking these days.

  67. Michelle on January 28th, 2013 12:20 pm

    I love everything almond! I have converted from coconut milk to almond milk and will not look back! I have transitioned to using almond flour in most of my recipes and love love love them more!

  68. rachel on January 28th, 2013 12:22 pm

    I love almonds plain, but an almond paste filling in brioche is amazing.

  69. Kristen on January 28th, 2013 1:24 pm

    I LOVE that traditional Swedish almond paste cake-thing. Is it called Krasekakke?

  70. Alisa on January 28th, 2013 3:21 pm

    Ooh wow, that cake looks lovely Shirley! I’m still hoping Tony welcomes another try of almonds one day. I miss them – so easy to bake with!

  71. Dee on January 28th, 2013 4:28 pm

    I haven’t baked much with almonds, but I’d love to try almond flour. I do love eating almonds on yogurt with fruit.

  72. Yvonne on January 28th, 2013 4:39 pm

    I love (Marcona) almonds fried in olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt. And here in the Netherland we have a cookie filled with an almond paste – delicious!

  73. Sarah on January 28th, 2013 7:37 pm

    I love handfuls of almonds, coconut, and mini chocolate chips. Best snack ever :) Although I can’t wait to try Almond Flour Cinnamon Roll Pancakes and Intense Chocolate Almond Bites
    – those look great!

  74. Heather @Gluten-Free Cat on January 28th, 2013 10:16 pm

    I promise I’m not trying to be a brown noser here, but my absolute favorite thing to make with almond flour is your Brazilian Un-Cheese Biscuits. They are amazing!!! In fact, I’m becoming such a fan of almond flour that I haven’t purchased other gluten-free flours in ages.

    • Shirley on January 29th, 2013 12:24 pm

      Heather–Oh, you brown noser, you!!! Who said brown nosing is not allowed on gfe? LOL The winner will be selected via the giveaway tool I use from my web person, Jennette Fulda, and it’s a random selection so this comment won’t help you in that regard, but I do LOVE that feedback. I wish more folks would try the Brazilian Un-Cheese Biscuits/Rolls. I think those biscuits are so easy, but yet wonderfully addictive. ;-) My favorite way to use them is for sandwich rolls. :-) And I agree on almond flour ruling, too. I’ve been out of my ingredients for gf ap flour for a while now, but haven’t missed it.


  75. April on January 28th, 2013 11:34 pm

    I can’t choose a favorite so… I just love to bake with almond flour! >.< Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Marsha A on January 29th, 2013 1:59 pm

    I eat a handful of almonds as a snack everyday. I have just started using almond flour and find that I really like it.

  77. connie i on January 29th, 2013 3:24 pm

    I have never baked with almond flour but i would like to start. I eat almonds every day for a snack in the afternoon.

  78. Karin Goodman on January 29th, 2013 4:27 pm

    I do not have very many recipes with almond flour, but the muffins and cookies I have tried are amazing. I love how good for you almond flour is.

  79. John Billiris on January 29th, 2013 11:43 pm

    I like eating almonds with fruit

  80. Susan in Salida on January 30th, 2013 12:26 am

    My go to recipe is Elana’s breakfast bars. Easy to make, easy to modify (I like dried cherries in mine, and maybe some cocoa nibs) and perfect with a smoothie for a quick breakfast. Love, love, love.

  81. Debi on January 30th, 2013 1:32 am

    I’ve been using almond flour for the crust of my current experiment. :D And I’ve been eating a lot of dark chocolate with almonds. Who needs the mess of actually melting the chocolate and coating the almonds? hehehe

  82. dee m on January 30th, 2013 11:47 am

    I use almonds in..granola bars or granola, almond pizzelles, biscotti and oat snack cake. I also love to sprinkle them in my salads and eat them as a snack. All your posts look amazing. Looks like I will be doing some baking this week. :)

  83. Carrie on January 30th, 2013 12:19 pm

    I need to win the give-away — yes, need. I *need* to make all of these gorgeous recipes that have me drooling! Thanks for sharing them!

  84. Andrea on January 30th, 2013 12:19 pm

    I have just gotten into baking more with almond flour. I have made some different types of cookies with almond flour and am looking forward to trying new recipes out. Thanks for all the recipes you posted!

  85. Mary Brinton on January 30th, 2013 12:22 pm

    The orange almond cake looks heavenly! It would fit my cooking repertoire just fine. I use almond meal as part of the flour in my cornbread. My friends are addicted to it. I also like to toast almonds and add them to the green beans.

  86. Lenee on January 30th, 2013 12:23 pm

    I love almond flour! I use it for all my gluten free baked items. Almonds are delicious and my whole family loves them! Thanks for sharing this group of recipes.

  87. Karen on January 30th, 2013 12:23 pm

    I love almonds in tons of recipes, but my favorite is just straight out of the bag.

  88. Mary Brinton on January 30th, 2013 12:24 pm

    (forgot to hit the follow-up email notify button. sorry)

  89. KarenO on January 30th, 2013 12:26 pm

    I eat almonds every day! Either whole, or raw almond butter, or almond flour in a recipe. Love, love, love them! This is am awesome giveaway, thank you!

  90. Emily on January 30th, 2013 12:31 pm

    I use almonds in some form almost every day – slivered on salads and in granola, flour as thickener, whole almonds and chocolate for desserts. I used to eat smoked almonds by the container when I was pregnant so I’m sure my daughter will love them too!

  91. C.M. Cole on January 30th, 2013 1:12 pm

    I’m learning more about baking with almond flour again. I used to use it briefly a few years ago to coat meats, but never for baking, so it’s quite fascinating to discover all the things that it can go in, and make them healthier (and make me healthier in the process). I am so glad I’m not allergic to tree nuts.

  92. dianna williams on January 30th, 2013 1:12 pm

    I love almonds and like to eat them right out of the bag. I have also started using almond flour in my recipes. They are a great snack to control hunger. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  93. Sara P. on January 30th, 2013 3:02 pm

    There is an almond olive oil cake that I love to make!! So delicious!

  94. A Borders on January 30th, 2013 3:06 pm

    I love almonds! I eat them plain, use almond flour and almond butter in my pancakes, use almond flour in most of my cake recipes. Make my own fresh almond butter. I even glaze almonds sweet or spicy and give away to my friends.
    Almonds are one of mother natures best treats!

  95. Nancy on January 30th, 2013 4:06 pm

    I love to mix almond butter, coconut butter, vanilla powder, stevia and butter for a really tasty treat. Not firm enough to be fudge. Would likely make a great frosting. As it is, I eat it off the spoon.

  96. Amelia on January 30th, 2013 5:56 pm

    Chocolate covered almonds are always a delicious treat, but I also like slivered almonds in chicken salad…mmm. I substitute almond milk into a log of my baking, and I’ve been wanting to try baking with almond flour, but haven’t scouted out a good deal on it yet. Thank you for the chance to win some almond goodies!

  97. sea on January 31st, 2013 10:30 pm

    Hey Shirley,

    Long time no see!

    I have been loving almonds lately, and cooking my way through Elana’s first almond flour cookbook…again!

    Besides her recipes, I like using almond butter to make an un-peanut sauce kale recipe.

    I use slivered almonds for an oatmeal-free carrot cookie:

    And I love to add 1/4 cup of almond flour to any baked good for extra protein and nutrition.


  98. Cat on January 31st, 2013 10:33 pm

    It wasn’t until this actually made me stop to think about it, but I use almonds and almond flour a lot more than I thought! For starters, I use almond butter in smoothies… I use almonds (usually sliced) in salads and in cookies… and I have a recipe for crackers that has very few ingredients + almond flour – oooh, are they yummy, light and crispy, and buttery tasting. I would *love* to win this prize!

  99. Em on January 31st, 2013 10:38 pm

    I love almonds as almond flour to bake with and straight up almond butter to dollop in my oatmeal.

  100. Mia L on January 31st, 2013 11:54 pm

    I love toasted slivered almonds on pretty much everything (or just by themselves)! The Intense Chocolate Almond Bites look super awesome too!

  101. Josiane on February 1st, 2013 12:21 am

    My favorite recipe using almonds is Celine Steen’s vegan and gluten-free Amaretti cookies – they’re amazing! The recipe can be found on her blog,, and in “The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions”, one of her cookbooks (which includes a gluten-free chapter). Oh, and the marzipan rice pudding, another of Celine’s recipes, is truly fantastic, too!

  102. Ttrockwood on February 1st, 2013 12:34 am

    Lately ive been making my own almond milk with soaked almonds and just blending and using that for my overnight oats

  103. joan harrington on February 1st, 2013 10:37 am

    I love mixing almond and coconut flour together for baking. Tasty!

  104. Johanna B on February 1st, 2013 12:23 pm

    Does almond butter count? I like to put it in my spinach smoothies. It’s really yum. Love to bake with almond flour and have a couple of good cookie recipes.

  105. Bri on February 1st, 2013 3:04 pm

    I love almond butter in my oatmeal. It’s a classic. But I also love almonds in some homemade trail mix. The crunchiness with the chewiness of raisins is a winning combination for me. Throw in some dark chocolate pieces and you’re golden :)

  106. Angie Walker on February 1st, 2013 7:02 pm

    I love almonds anyway plain in baking

  107. Holly Ellerton on February 1st, 2013 7:16 pm

    I love using almond flour in Elana’s Paleo bread and to make a GF Bakewell tart. This is an English treat made with an almond flour crust, raspberry jam, almond paste which I make from the almond boards recipe, and an almond flour cake topped with a glaze. It is awesome!

  108. Susan on February 1st, 2013 9:09 pm

    I love making almond butter.

  109. Beth on February 1st, 2013 11:11 pm

    I probably eat more almonds than I should everyday. They are my go to snack with raisins. I also live making my own almond butter.

  110. Gina Sengupta on February 2nd, 2013 10:40 am

    Jeanette’s Cocoa Dusted Almonds look heavenly, I will have to try that. I am in the process of trying to create gluten-free, sugar-free vegan cookies and I have used oat flour, but almond flour sounds much more inviting and it has protein! That’s my next endeavor…

  111. Claire on February 2nd, 2013 12:23 pm

    Thanks so much!! I am very excited that I won! I cannot wait to make those Samoas as my Girl Scout troop is very busy selling cookies.

    • Shirley on February 2nd, 2013 12:34 pm

      Hi Claire–You are welcome! And how perfect that will be to use Elana’s recipe to have safe and delicious Samoas and not be “deprived”! ;-)


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