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Winner of Guy Fieri Gluten-Free Barbecue Sauces and Salsas + What’s Coming Up

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway for Guy Fieri's gluten-free barbecue sauces and salsas. Note that all of Guy Fieri's product line are currently gluten free EXCEPT for the Pacific Rim Wok & Sauce,... [2 Comments]

Tasty Meatloaf in Mere Minutes (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

This post is linked to Real Food Weekly and Seasonal Sundays. If this recipe looks or sounds familiar, it’s because I first shared it here last year for Carrie’s (Ginger Lemon Girl) wonderful 30 Days of Gluten-Free... [27 Comments]

Guest Post from Delise Dickard, PhD: Self Care and the Unexpected Mentor

Today I have the pleasure of sharing another guest post from my longtime friend, Delise Dickard. Delise first shared her personal story, The Beer That Saved My Belly, here at gfe back in May. With this... [19 Comments]

Guy Fieri Barbecue Sauces and Salsas Review and Giveaway

Full disclosure: This is an uncompensated review and the opinions expressed within are strictly my own. The products shared in this review and giveaway were provided free of charge from Gia Brands. UPDATE: This giveaway is now... [85 Comments]

Winners of Amy Green’s Simply Sugar & Gluten Free Cookbook Plus More

There was so much positive feedback to the giveaway for Amy Green’s cookbook, Simply Sugar and Gluten Free: 180 Easy and Delicious Recipes That You Can Make in 20 Minutes or Less, that I personally... [13 Comments]

Self-Care Retreat for July—Nourishment Through Family, Friends, and Pets

Warning: This post is long and filled with clichés and quotations. Cliches become clichés because they are so often true. Quotations are repeated again and again because they strike a chord within us. Many in... [27 Comments]

Close-up Savory Lemon-Kissed Sun-Dried Tomato Artichoke Chicken Clafoutis

Savory Lemon-Kissed, Sun-Dried Tomato Artichoke Chicken Clafoutis

While a proper clafoutis is a French dessert consisting of cherries suspended in a pancake-like batter; other fruits are often used in clafoutis as well. Although officially it seems they then become flaugnardes. Flaugnardes is... [38 Comments]

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Watermelon Sherbet with a Bonus Milkshake

Doesn’t watermelon sherbet sound (and look) so refreshing and cooling? It definitely is, so it’s just perfect for scorching temperatures of late. It’s also a nice entry for this month’s Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free... [54 Comments]


Amy Green’s Simply Sugar & Gluten Free Cookbook Review (Plus Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Cake Recipe)

Most of you know my friend Amy Green from her blog, Simply Sugar and Gluten Free. Amy’s reasons for eating refined sugar free and gluten free are pretty compelling, and her recipes are very popular.... [140 Comments]

BARKSTERS Krisps Treats and Bowl Giveaway Winner

No, I haven’t forgotten the BARKSTERS Treats and Dolce bowl giveaway from the folks at Loving Pets, although Sonny was thinking I had and feeling sad for all of you. Not to worry Sonny or... [4 Comments]

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